The Single Most Important Rule of Business

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This might possibly be the single most important rule of business or sales.  If they LIKE you, BELIEVE you, have CONFIDENCE in you and TRUST you, then they may be willing do business with you or buy from you.  Now of these four things LIKE, BELIEF, CONFIDENCE AND TRUST, which one do YOU think is the most influential?  Raise your hand if you thinking it BELIEF c’mon raise your hand?  Raise your hand if you thinking it’s CONFIDENCE?  Who thinks TRUST raise your hand? Raise your hand if you thinking it’s LIKE?

If you were thinking TRUST you’re almost right. If you were thinking LIKE you’re right.  Can I  give you guys and an example? Pretend you’re a single woman of the opposite sex, you go out on a date with some guy.  You come back and now you’re talking about the date with mom or girlfriend or whoever, “You know Betty, I really trusted this guy, but I didn’t like him!”  Oh Betty I like him a lot and I hope we go out – what? Again. I hope we go out again  Liking leads to trusting. Trusting leads to confidence and confidence leads belief. Are you with me on this?

See if you’re not likable the best thing for you to do is get out of people business.  Get a job on the bomb squad or as secret government assassin where not being likeable is ok.

Now everyone will tell you to do what? Become a trusted advisor.  However the only way that you can become a trusted advisor is to first become a friend. The only way that you can become a friend is to be liked – cool?

My FB friend, Marla LaRue, asked me about Belief. Here are my thoughts . . .

Belief is important, belief helps you get started, helps you get through the bad times, belief helps you in setting your prices, belief is the ultimate power in the universe!

If people LIKE you it builds your belief 🙂

There are so many people who don’t believe because they feel unliked, unwanted and unloved. Remember President Clinton, we (the country) didn’t believe him, we knew he was lying, but we liked him and therefore we forgave him time and time and time again.

You thoughts?

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