Create a Healthy Work Environment for Your Team With These Tips

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As a responsible employer, creating a healthy work environment for your team is a must. Ensuring your workplace is a healthy place for your employees to spend their time is beneficial for your team and your business. When you create a healthy work environment, your team should feel at their best and able to work productively. A healthy workplace will also help to reduce absenteeism, which can be extremely costly for businesses. Businesses lose billions of dollars in lost productivity each year, so keeping your workplace healthy is beneficial for everyone. Take a look at these top tips to ensure your work environment is as healthy as possible:

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Get Back to Basics

Keeping your work environment clean is an obvious way to ensure it is a healthy place to work. However, cleaning standards can vary, and if your building is not receiving the best quality clean, it might not be as healthy as you believed. Organizing regular deep cleaning of your business will help keep it looking at its best and ensure it is as healthy as possible. Scheduling a professional deep clean is also beneficial if your workplace has recently had a lot of staff sickness and during the winter when colds, flu, and stomach bugs are more common.

Improve the Air Quality

When you think about pollution, exhaust fumes and factories pumping out smoke are probably the first thoughts that spring to mind. However, indoor air can be lower quality than outside air. The indoor air quality of your building may not be something you have thought about too often. But, it is essential to consider how the quality of the air in your offices could be impacting the health of your employees. In some cases, low indoor air quality can cause people to experience sick building syndrome. Sick building syndrome can cause a range of symptoms ranging from cold-like symptoms to headaches. Symptoms are triggered inside the building but usually improve when away from the building causing the issue.

Ideas For Keeping Your Employees Motivated

Numerous factors can contribute to sick building syndrome, but indoor air quality is believed to play a significant role. Improving your building’s indoor air quality by having your HVAC systems serviced regularly and ensuring your building has adequate ventilation may help.

Remove Clutter

Having offices that are cramped and feel crowded can have a really negative impact on the workplace environment. If your building is full of clutter, such as paperwork that needs to be archived and surplus products and equipment, it is time to act and reclaim your workspace. Having excess stuff in your offices creates a trip hazard and is potentially a fire hazard, so the consequences of having items stacked up and not stored correctly can be severe. If these items are left in your office, they will also accumulate dust which will impact the air quality. Taking action and removing excess equipment and other items from the office plays a key role in ensuring your workplace is as healthy as possible for your team.

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