Twitter & Facebook Are A Waste Of Time!

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I consult with business owners and one of the questions I get asked all the time is How Do You Make Money Using Social Media  – Facebook, Twitter, etc?


Short Answer: You Don't

For the most part social media is pretty hyped up,  and the hype is confusing a lot pf people – it's like chewing gum for a business, a lot of activity with no productivity.  I think that the average business will do better concentrating on proven sales and marketing strategies.

Realize that even though many social media sites are free, they still cost you time–and time equals money. So before you make the investment in social media, make sure you have a strategy. And keep in mind unless you have like gazillion fans or followers you're most likely wasting your time.

I know some of the top marketers in the world and all of them still rely on

on traditional and proven sales and marketing methods to grow sales. I also

know a few that are using Facebook and Linkedin Advertising to grow sales and NOT wasting anytime growing a large social media base.

Take a hint from the big companies, have a presence but don't stop doing what's been proven to work for 200 years.

I heard people speaking about social media  as though it’s the answer to every problem that a company or individual might have with their online presence. I've heard claims that social media could do almost everything and fix any issue you faced. The truth is that social media can be a good tool but it’s not right for every situation.

The bottom-line, I have yet to meet any business owner that has created  a sustainable method of making money with social media. I'm not saying you won't get some business every now and then, I'm talking about real long term sales.

What's Your Take – Let Me Know?

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  • johnny gilbert

    Great information and I agree with you Bert. Too many people in my profession use this as the 1st line of marketing bc its free. Big mistake.

  • You are only the 2nd marketing guru (that I remember) who refuses to just jump on the Social Media Parade and gives level headed advice.
    Thanks for being a Sane voice in the Media Madness!

  • Mack Blankenship

    I would agree that FB and Twitter can be a huge waste of time if not used constructively. I vacillate constantly between being busy and being produtive. But, just like any other form of marketing (i.e. tv, radio, print media), if the audience isn’t wasting time they’re not receiving your or my message. FB and Twitter is just another form of enternainment and is far more engaging on a personal level than the aforementioned. I’m inclined to continue the engagment for business and personal. – Mack

  • Brandon Krieger

    Hi Bert,

    This is interesting article and you make some great points in lines with what your contacts are doing.

    I have a different opinion when it comes to Social Media Marketing and the statistics that currently happening.

    For example
    YouTube has over 2 Billion views per day and YouTuber’s that are making a living on YouTube are getting anywhere from a few thousand views per video up to a view million views. YouTube and recognized this and created Adsense so business’s can purchase ad space for these video’s.

    Facebook has over 800 Million users signed up to use their Social Network.

    I would personally disagree that Twitter and Facebook is a waste of time. That is just me personally. For example I would have never met you if it wasn’t for Facebook and built up a relationship as we did. I would say people still don’t know how to use it properly. They treat it like the lottery and think if they are on it for a short period of time they are going to be rich. This is not the case. The power of Social Networks/Social Media is the Socializing and mass numbers of people you connect to more than ever before. Now if you have local mom and pop shop it doesn’t seem realistic that those businesses be on Social Networks. The reality where do people go to look for products and services. They look to their contacts and ask them be it friends, family or business friends. Then then go to the internet Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter. For someone to say it is a waste of time. Is not watching the masses and where they are going to get their information. This is just my point of view and I would love to hear what people have to say.

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