How To Improve Your Company Culture

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Company culture is in the business and HR press a lot these days. The huge shift in the jobs market caused by COVID has really made people think about the types of companies they want to work for.

Every company has a company culture, whether it’s fantastic, terrible, or something in between.

Having a culture that is inclusive, supportive, and has effective leadership and vision should be the goal. People who are happy in their work are healthier, more productive, and assets to a company. It’s not just about having company beer fridges and a day off for your birthday (though those things are nice in the right circumstances). It’s deeper than perks or salaries. Each employee feels supported and valued.

You might see it referred to as values, culture, or even DNA. Whatever you decide to call it, you can’t underestimate its importance.

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Leadership needs to embody the company culture

There’s no use attempting to leave company culture as an HR or marketing task. It will be doomed to fail. Leadership at all levels must embrace and model your ideal company culture for it to be embedded in your organization. Embrace transparency and allow employees at all levels to have a voice when it comes to communicating with leadership.

Some companies have found that having managers and leaders working in the general office space regularly can break down barriers, or having a round conference table rather than a hierarchical rectangular one.

Recognize and reward employees

It’s not all about salary and other perks. It has been shown time and time again that employees want to be recognized for their contributions. Recognition can take many forms, not just monetary. But developing a culture that acknowledges and shouts about people’s contribution is a great goal. Don’t just focus on the high profile jobs either. Those people can only do their jobs because they are supported by the team in general.

Empower your employees

Micromanagement in the workplace is sure to make your employees miserable. After all, you need to trust people to do the job your hired them to do. Autonomy in a role is something that most people seek. As well as communicating this to employees, make sure that those in charge of managing others know this too.

Don’t get too caught up on public image

Companies with truly great company cultures can and should shout about their achievements. After all, it is a great way to promote the company to potential clients and employees. But those that place too much focus on promoting small things rather than concentrating on fixing a company culture will usually find themselves on the receiving end of some bad press. The BrewDog situation from last year is a good example of this.


Company culture isn’t just a passing fad. Those companies willing to do the work and create truly great workplaces will be reaping the benefits for the future when it comes to attracting best talent and clients.

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