3 Ways to Spend Your Next Bonus

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After working hard all year, it’s time to get rewarded a bonus. Maybe you get one year-end bonus, or you’re lucky enough to have your annual bonus paid out each financial quarter. However your employer gives you the money, your bonus is a reward for a job well done and a thank you for putting in hard work for your company throughout the year. While it is in your best interest to spend (or save!) this money wisely, it is hard to deny that doing so can be difficult, especially if you are someone who does not often splurge on yourself or buy things you want. Whether you’re a marketing assistant at a local agency or a physician at a clinic like ThriveMD, you have worked for your bonus and now it’s time to treat yourself.

Here are a few ideas for how to spend your bonus on items that are self-indulgent, yet practical.

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A New Watch

An underrated, but good, investment is a high-quality watch. Companies like Rolex are known for their luxury watches, which have a high price tag but will last a lifetime. Watches are practical in the purpose they serve and can be beautiful additions to your jewelry collection; plus, they’re totally appropriate to wear to work so you can proudly show your employer that you made good use of your bonus check.

Top Shelf Alcohol

While it might sound tacky to suggest that you spend your hard-earned bonus on alcohol, I’m talking about a top-shelf bottle to add to your liquor cabinet. Small-batch bottles of whiskey can start around $1,000, but the gorgeous bottle and smooth taste are worth it. Alternatively, treat yourself to a good bottle of wine if liquor isn’t your thing. Whatever you choose, a high-quality bottle to add to your collection will be an indulgent treat for you and is sure to impress your house guests in the future.

A Luxury Bag

If you are someone who carries a purse or bag every day, your bonus check might just be the perfect excuse to splurge on the luxury bag you’ve had your eye on all year. A new purse from Prada or carry-on bag from Louis Vuitton is a practical investment that you’d get everyday use out of, and although it comes with a high price tag, is sure to last your entire lifetime.

While it is not recommended to spend your entire annual bonus on material items, life is not fun if you don’t treat yourself every once in a while! You’ve earned your bonus by working hard and being a valuable asset to your company, so use this opportunity to indulge in something for yourself.

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