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About the host: Bert Martinez is a successful entrepreneur and best-selling author. Bert is fascinated by business, marketing, and entrepreneurship. One of Bert’s favorite hobbies is to transform the complicated into simple-to-understand lessons so you can apply them to your business and life. Bert is also obsessed with exploring the mindset of the high achievers so you can follow their secrets and strategies.

Hey, thanks for tuning in. I’m excited for you. This is going to be a absolutely transformative video. If you’re the kind of person who is an action taker, who sets goals, this video is really gonna be good for individuals who have big goals. Maybe you’re an entrepreneur, you have your business or several businesses.

Maybe you’re trying to, maybe you’re in charge of a department or you’re in charge of several people. Either way, this is going to be a super effective, fun video. It does have the potential to transform your business, transform your life. So anyway, let’s get into this. Question number one, what do I need to do more of to reach my goals?

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Do I need to do more of to reach my goals? Let’s take something as simple as getting more sales. So what can you do to get more sales? Well, you can advertise more, you can do some more telemarketing, you can reach out to your existing customers and ask them for referrals, pretty simple stuff. Now, if you wanna up level that, let’s change that to who do I need to reach my goal. In a lot of cases, what keeps a small business small is they don’t hire anybody because they’re waiting for the day that they can afford to hire somebody which is makes sense. You really need to hire somebody today to get you off the ground so you can reach your goals faster, grow your business faster.

In some cases, maybe you need to hire a coach. Maybe you need to join a mastermind. Maybe you need a specific individual. Again, what would happen if you hired a telemarketer to make outbound calls for you? That would absolutely transform your business.

You’ll start growing that much faster. My own personal story is I hired somebody that was completely out of my budget. And that individual 10 times my goal of my business, maybe even 20 times my business. And I learned a lesson from there and that is sometimes you have to hire an expectation of growth. So what do I need to do more of to reach my goals? Also think about who do I need to reach my goals?

Always think about who not how. As entrepreneurs sometimes we are so accustomed to being by ourselves and handling 10 different hats, if you will, or 10 different things that we forget sometimes the fastest way is who, not how. And that dovetails right into my next question.

What do I need to do less of to reach my goals? Do you need to stop some things? Do you need to stop? or do less of, let’s say, watching TV or videos, scrolling mindlessly on social media.

I think that sometimes businesses need to reduce their vision. So maybe re-optimize your vision. Again, as entrepreneurs, sometimes we think that our business can help everybody, and it certainly probably can help everybody. But the reality is not everybody is your ideal customer.

Think about the difference between a Ford and a Ferrari. They both have four wheels. You can buy a Ford in two doors. They essentially have the same goal to get their drivers from point A to point B, but the business is different. The ideal customer of a Ford is way different than an ideal customer of a Ferrari.

So, maybe reducing or having less of a focus, right? Some people think like, hey, I’m gonna do all of this, but maybe you need to start here. Another example is when a department store like let’s say Walmart or Target, they sell tens of thousands of products, Ace Hardware, Home Depot, again, these guys sell tens of thousands of products, but when you see them advertise, they’re only advertising one product or one service at a time. And they’re trying to hit the ideal customer for that service or that product. So, you know, maybe one of the things that you can do less to reach your goals is reduce your net, so to speak. Okay, that’s just one idea. One of the other things that you can do to reduce your goals is maybe…

Maybe you need to stop working so hard. Maybe you need more recovery. I know that again, sounds counterintuitive. That’s weird. I wanna work all the time. I’m excited about my business. That’s great. I’m excited about my goals. Wonderful, you should be. However, again, the science is called diminishing returns. So you’re gonna be more productive the first two or three hours of the day than you are gonna be the last eight or nine hours of the day.

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So maybe reducing the amount of time that you’re spending on goals or maybe getting more rest might be the key. So think about that. What can you do less of to reach your goals? All right. Number three, this is important. What do I need to stop doing to reach my goals? Isn’t that an incredible idea? What do you need to stop doing?

Maybe it’s wasting too much time on non-priority issues. Maybe you need to stop handling all of the elements to reach your goals, all of the elements to run your business. Again, going back to who, not how, who can you hire so you’re completely done handling some of these minor issues, all right? So what do you need to stop doing to reach my goals? Or grow my business?

Again, maybe you need to stop working on the weekends and totally recover and, you know, or stop focusing on your goals and just completely recover and reignite so you start fresh on the new week. Another one, last question. What do I need to begin to do?

Reach my goals or grow my business. Again, maybe you need to look at your goals and see if they’re still aligned with your values. Maybe you need to again figure out who you need to get to help you to reach your goals. What do you need to begin doing? Now depending where you’re at, maybe you need to start picking up the phone call or the phone and start contacting prospects.

To hire a sales manager or a salesperson. Maybe you need to begin looking at who your ideal customer is. Again, everybody, your business can probably help everybody, but not everybody wants to be helped by your business. So think about having your ideal customer.

Maybe what you need to begin doing is optimizing who you’re trying to reach. And so therefore you’re going to have a better conversion. You’re going to help the ideal customer. I can tell you from experience, having worked with customers who pay me $500 versus $5,000 versus $50,000, it is way different. And I’ll sum it up like this. Somebody might pay you again, a small amount of money, let’s say $5,000, and they’re like, Bert, this is my last $5,000.

Everything is riding on this. I’m expecting you to change my life and do it quickly. It’s right there. It’s gonna be one of those customers who is needing immediate results, is probably not a setup for the right expectations. Versus my $50,000 clients, the last…

My last client was actually a hundred thousand dollar client. And when they sent me the money, it’s like, you know, payment sent. Let’s get started. That simple. And my hundred thousand dollar client actually calls me less. Then my five thousand dollar client, my hundred thousand dollar client needs less handholding than my five thousand dollar client. So what do I need to begin doing?

Maybe you need to begin by optimizing who your clients are. Maybe you need to begin by hiring people. Maybe you need to begin by asking the question, am I, are all my goals aligned with my values? Maybe things have changed. And so those are some simple ideas. What else do you need to begin with?

Maybe you need to begin looking at, again, getting a coach, joining a mastermind. One of the best investments I did is I joined a mastermind. Again, it was transformative to my business. I started a mastermind. Some of you guys may know that. And we’ve helped business owners transform their business, getting a lot more done in a lot less time or enjoying their business more.

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What do you need to begin? What is it that you’ve been putting off until quote the right time? What would happen if you started today? So hopefully these four questions gives you some ideas, helps you to start maybe some thoughts, just kind of get things percolating and think about what you need to do more of, what you need to do less of, what you need to do, what you need to stop.

Doing and what do you need to begin doing to reach your goals to grow your business to hit that next level i love working with you i love that you’re part of my membership that that we’re connected and i love hearing your goals i love hearing about your businesses so drop me a line if this is helpful please hit subscribe button please leave a comment and I answer all of the comments.

So please let me know what your thoughts are. If I can help you, I’d be glad to help you for free. Remember, you were created to succeed.


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