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We’re not sure what brought you to Bert Martinez.com, but you should know that you have found one of the most complete resources for attorney marketing and personal growth anywhere. Bert Martinez shows you strategies to grow your solo and small firm practices through effective direct response marketing.

You’ll discover how to get more referrals, build automated law firm marketing systems, develop highly responsive print ads, improve your Internet marketing, and much more. Our attorney members, event attendees, and private clients discover how to attract more of the clients they really want for their practices. These strategies are revealed through our LIVE calls and webinars, in our private members-only website, at live events, (available based on membership level). If you want to discover how you can build the practice of your dreams and have marketing that is designed to get the most out of every dollar you spend, then Bert Martinez is the right place for you.

We have helped thousands of attorneys across the United States and Canada improve their practices and their profits through effective management and marketing across most practice areas, including…

Personal injury, intellectual property, bankruptcy, criminal defense, probate and estate planning, cyber law, disability, worker’s compensation, immigration, franchise/corporate, medical malpractice, and more!

This is where you will find real lawyers with real business who are “crushing it” every day –  effectively – ethically and, frankly, with a great deal of fun and fulfillment.

Our typical member is a firm, making between $400,000-$6 million revenue per year and is spending money on marketing. They want to do better because they know that running a profitable law firm is the best path to success for themselves, their families and their clients.

The BIGGEST problem most of our members have, is that while they are spending money on advertising, they looking for a smarter way to spend that money in order to, as we like to say, have a firm, a family and a life! Many of our members are frustrated with working too many hours for clients they don’t like and they are tired of being burned by marketing schemes and so-called “experts.”

We’ve changed that for thousands of solo and small firm lawyers!

The first thing you should do is request the free “7.5 Practice Building Blueprint” below or, schedule a free no obligation strategy session. There are no sales people and you won’t be pressured or bothered, if we’re a good fit you’ll know and we’ll know it!

Let us help you build you the practice and lifestyle you’ve always wanted. Stop waiting. Take action now!

Bert Martinez

P.S. We are not for you if you are not interested in the business of the practice of law. We do voice a certain “philosophy” about the legal profession that is different from what you see from most lawyer organizations.


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