Video Marketing in 5 Easy Steps

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After Google purchased Videos became all the rage. It used to be that only a handful of corporate websites had videos and now they are on more and more websites. The Kodak Zi8 and Flip HD allow anyone to look pretty professional with out the big expense. Videos allow you and your company an excellent way to connect with prospects and clients on a personal level.

It’s one thing to write compelling web copy that works, but it’s quite another to show a movie of yourself speaking. Personally, I was afraid of sounding stupid, looking weird or actually hurting my marketing rather than helping it. I generally think I am un-photogenic. But the more I worked with videos and spoke to professional I realized those feelings are pretty natural.

We encourage all clients to use videos and we currently recommending the Kodak Zi8 because of it’s external mic jack. We use videos on our facebook page and with our business and sales training.

Here are a few tips we would recommend from our experience.

1. Make sure you have your core message crystal clear. You need to connect empathetically with your customers and speak right to their need and the benefits you offer. If you are unclear of your focus, get help with that before doing your video.

2. If you are using a small digital camera like the Flip HD or Kodak Zi8 like I do, make sure you use good lighting it is fairly easy too, but you’ll definitely need some practice.

3. Keep it well under a minute or less. People will watch a video if it is short and quick. If it goes too long people won’t watch all the way to the end. This means you don’t have to say a lot but what you do say needs to be clear and compelling. Even 15 seconds can be good. We been on national TV and Radio where you only have 2-3 minutes to speak.

4. Make sure you smile, as this makes a huge difference in terms of connecting with people. No one can resist a good smile. Smiling is a skill so again you may need some practice.

5. Make sure you have a call to action at the end. Something that you want people to do. Buy a book; take a class; sign-up for a newsletter or whatever. Don’t lose the opportunity to let people know what to do next, but always bring in the benefits to them.

Go for it and have fun!!

When your video is done you can upload it in on YouTube.Com get the code so you can paste it on your website. Take note add your web address on the first line of the description, so people will see it.

Also I highly recommend an expensive lavalier microphone for any Kodak Zi8 it ads a huge level of professionalism.

Also check out these 16G or 32G SD cards, allows for several hours of recording time, very good investment.

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