7 Simple Tips For Shooting Selfie Videos On Your Own

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 6 Tips For Shooting Selfie Videos On Your Own

How many times have you said, “today is the day I’ll shoot that video” …

And how many times have you decided, “Hmm… maybe I’ll do it tomorrow.”

🙋‍♀️*Raises their own hand*🙋‍

Shooting a video with help is hard enough, shooting a selfie video on your own can be overwhelming, but we’re here to remove the overwhelm and show you that it’s not as tough as you think.

You can create high-quality videos at home or in your office, without fancy camera gear. Just using a phone, a quiet space, good lighting, and the right angle you can record great videos that engage your viewers.

Here are 6 tips for shooting videos of yourself on your own, so you can make high-quality videos for your followers, warm leads, and customers.

#1: Quiet on the Set!

When you’re shooting video, there are two (2) super important elements you want to be concerned with: audio and lighting. We’ll talk about lighting in Tip #2, but for now we’ll focus on audio. Whether you have or don’t have, an external microphone—you’re going to need to make sure the environment that you’re recording is as quiet as possible.

Recording next to a window above a busy street is going to create a lot of background noise that you won’t realize exists until you’ve finished recording. That noise is distracting and gives your video a lower quality feel. By avoiding that street-side window, you’ll be able to amp up your audio, even if you don’t have the most expensive microphone on the market.

 6 Tips For Shooting Selfie Videos On Your Own

#2: Your Best Lighting

As mentioned above, aside from audio, lighting is a crucial factor for shooting videos. People (including you!) don’t want to watch a video of someone with dim lighting.  Experts tell us that bad lighting makes the speaker feel less authoritative, weakening whatever message or goal you’re trying to achieve from your video.

There are two (2) simple options when it comes to lighting: find it or buy it. Natural lighting is always ideal, and natural lighting with extra lights around you is even more ideal (but you don’t really need that). To shoot with great lighting, find the brightest room in your home or office—be aware, this will change throughout the day—and figure out what the best time is to shoot videos. For example, morning might be the best time or mid-afternoon. Need more help? Text me (602) 560-7981 or join my Linkedin video group.

#3: Get Your Angles Right

If you’re looking down at the camera or up at the camera—your video is going to throw off the viewer. You don’t want them focusing on your chin or the top of your head, you want them looking at you just as they would if you were sitting across from them talking. Getting your angle right will ensure your video has a natural and conversational feel—which is exactly what you’re aiming for when marketing your business or products.

Tripods are by far one of the easiest video equipment to finagle at home. You can use drawers, nightstands, shelves, books, decor, etc. to prop up your camera or phone so that it’s at the perfect angle.

#4: Use The Best Camera Available To You
If you’re using a camera—then you’ve already got the best camera available to you. If you’re using a phone to record your videos, make sure to use the best camera on your device. For example, on the iPhone, the back-facing camera is the best camera. It takes better quality videos (4K) which means that’s the best camera available to you, not your front-facing camera.

Using the back facing camera of a phone also keeps you from looking at yourself while you’re filming. You want to look at the lens of the camera while you talk—if you look at yourself on the screen your recorded video will look like you’re talking slightly away from the person watching the video.

#5: Do A Test Run

Ah, the infamous test run. The marketers who don’t do test runs are the ones that have recorded a 10 minute (plus!) video only to find out that their angle was off, their camera was out of focus, or their microphone wasn’t turned around. And it always stings—always.

 6 Tips For Shooting Selfie Videos On Your Own

To avoid making these mistakes, do a quick test run of your video before you jump into a recording. Record for at least a minute to make sure that your lighting looks good, your audio sounds good, you are in focus, and the angle is right. Trust us on this one. Need more help? Text me (602) 560-7981 or join my Linkedin video group.

#6: Be True

If you’re usually in a studio recording high-quality videos OR if this is your first time recording videos for your audience—tell them. Being honest with your viewers, whether they’re prospective customers or paying customers builds the relationship between you and them. Instead of pretending that you’re not at home recording videos when you used to be in a fancy studio, tell them about it. Or, if this is your first few videos, tell your audience, “This is one of the first videos I’ve recorded.”

Then, ask them to give you feedback. If you’re recording videos for social media, their feedback, in the form of comments to your post, is going to boost your engagement and help them keep seeing your content (ah, the classic Facebook algorithm).


If you’re recording videos for a paid membership, asking them for their feedback on how to improve your videos is going to make them feel more attached to the final product. In both cases, you’re creating a better relationship with your followers, prospects, or customers.

We told you at the start of this article that shooting video of yourself on your own was a daunting task—but not a challenging one. Using these tips, you can record videos of yourself that have everybody fooled into thinking you’ve got the latest video tech, all while you are shooting from your bedroom.

#7: Just do it!

If you’re talking to the right audience, a sincere bad video is better than no video – guaranteed! Check out my Youtube channel and you’ll see some good as well as not so good videos, but as you review the comments you won’t find anyone commenting on the quality of the video. That’s because the message will beat the quality most of the time. Bottom-line, you can make excuses or you can make videos but you can’t do both. So commit to making just one simple video, it could be as simple as, hello everyone, my name is Bert [please use your name :)] and I’m finally making videos to help you achieve X and in the fastest time possible. So if you have a question about X leave me a comment and I’ll be glad to make a video that teaches about X. Gary Vaynerchuk has become a social media legend. It all started with his Wine Library, a vlog about wines, but his first video for his Wine Library was less than perfect. Today Gary is a New York Times best-selling author, a sought after speaker, and owns VanyerMedia, none of this would of happen without him just doing that first video. So just do it! Need more help? Text me (602) 560-7981 or join my Linkedin video group.


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