8 Easy Tips for Killer Sales Video

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8 Easy Tips for Killer Sales Video

Video can be a powerful tool in promoting and selling digital products, but bad quality video can actually be a deterrent. The last thing you want is a shoddy video that makes you look fly-by-night. Also read our article on Video Marketing.

The good news is that making professional-style video doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult. ClickBank vendor and web video expert Gideon Shalwick created three videos to help you get started. Here are some of Gideon’s tips: Technology tips:

* Video camera: A good camera doesn’t have to be expensive. Gideon suggests looking at the Flip Ultra HD, the Kodak Zi8, or the Creative Vado. For a bit better quality (and a step up in price), check out the Cannon t2i.

* Computer: Faster is better. But your machine doesn’t have to be brand new. It’ll be good as long as it’s not more than three years old, Gideon says.

* Software: Decent video editing can be done with free programs, such as iMovie on a Mac or Movie Maker on Windows. But to go up a notch with more features, you can consider Sony Vegas HD or ScreenFlow.

* Sound: Great audio is critical. Consider inexpensive external microphones to use with your video camera.

* Lighting: Good lighting can make all the difference, but it can be done with standard home lamps, or inexpensive fluorescents. Don’t shine a light straight on your subject’s face!

Positioning your sale via video:

* You don’t have a lot of time in a video, so be clear on the problem that your product or service solves.

* Determine your audience and who you are solving this problem for. Address the typical person in your target market. How old are they? What gender are they? What kind of money do they make?

* Your video should follow a great structure and lead the viewer into the action step. Consider following this structure:

The Story: People love drama or a problem they can identify with.

The Solution: Once you’ve told the story, introduce your solution. The Benefits: Think of the top three benefits your product supplies and explain them well.

The Guarantee: Make sure you offer a guarantee

The Action: Ask your viewer to take action by clicking on the buy-now button. These days you can’t afford to ignore video. Your competition has put it to work. Your only choice is to come back with videos that are even better but won’t break your bank.

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