How to Write a Business Plan That You’ll Actually Use

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The best-laid plans are the ones you’ll actually use. Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, authors of Rework, say lengthy, abstract business plans are destined for a filing cabinet—filed away and never looked at again. Here are resources to help you craft a business plan that you’ll actually use:—This site offers free online workshops on business planning as well as a gallery of sample templates. Click on Business Tools>Template Gallery for a list of links that will open customizable templates.— is a great jumping-off point when you’re figuring out how to approach writing your business plan. This website has tons of how-to’s and lets you review more than 500 actual business plans from companies in tons of industries.—The U.S. Small Business Association’s website provides tons of resources on starting your new business, growing it, and maintaining success once you’re up and running. Their business plan template takes you step by step and offers tips along the way. Just fill in the information about your business it asks for, and you’ll be one step closer to a comprehensive and compelling business plan.

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