Creating a Memorable Trade Show Or Event

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Are you in charge of an event or trade show? Want your attendees to have more fun and provide you with great testimonies? Of course you do well the fastest way to learn anything or generate lasting memories is by creating Intense Emotional Associations (IEAs) with your event. So here are a few ideas that will create a lot of fun emotions and lasting memories, try it with your next event or trade show.

Nowadays videos are all the rage and most people don’t mind posing for a video bite here and there. Assign a staff or two to take short videos, one minute or less, of the attendees and presenters having fun at the event. While they’re in this Intense Emotional Association (IEA) ask them to give a recommendation (sometimes referred to as a shout out or a sound bite) or testimony about the event, a workshop or a presenter, then ask if they would like a copy sent to them, you know they all will.

With today’s smartphones you could upload the videos instantly and then blast emails to the individuals in the videos or even to all the attendees, if possible, if not, make it a priority right after the event. Periscope via Twitter is a great way to distribute your videos via twitter, don’t forget about Instagram, Snapchat and Youtube you’ll want to decide in advance which outlet you want to use. Tip, survey your audience, find out which platform is the most popular and go with that one.

The videos will be seen and as always shared with coworkers, attendees, family and friends so now your event grows virally, also these videos can be used for future marketing of events and can be placed on your website as well.

Podcasting your video, well not really, you can however strip or separate the audio from your video and boom! You now can upload the audio to all major podcast distributors like BlogTalkRadio, iTunes, Stitcher, etc.  and it’s free.

Transcribe your video into articles, yep you heard me. Articles are a great way to increase awareness and buzz about your event or tradeshow. Some editing may be required but either way you have an article for almost no time. In some cases a video and the transcription could be on the same page.
Now you have successfully created lasting memories for everyone about your event, congratulations you’re a hero!

Items you might need:
 Just about any smartphone with good video quality. High-speed internet access and a site to upload your videos and maybe a notepad for collecting contact info.

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