4 Google Adwords Tasks you can Outsource

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 Google focused on doing one thing really well, bringing relevant search to the consumer better than anybody else. That’s the reason Google is the world’s most popular search engine. And from that technology, their advertising platform, known as Google AdWords has become one of the most powerful advertising platforms on the planet.

Advertising is an absolute necessity for anyone who wants to be successful with their small business.  Seldom will a business, go out of business when they’re advertising is working. There are literally millions of small businesses, plumbers, lawyers, coaches, consultants, you name it, using Google AdWords to successfully reach their ideal prospects.

However, most people I have consulted with, have two basic complaints when it comes to
Google Adwords,  as it relates to marketing their business:

  1. It seems really complicated!
  2. It seems really expensive!

Well here’s the deal, those complaints are absolutely true! There’s no denying that Google Adwords can be complicated and expensive and that means Google AdWords can also be a  time Vampire sucking your Limited time away from other less complicated priorities. But guess what, tying your shoes used to be complicated to until you invested enough time and you mastered tying your shoes. Now, I could probably blindfold you put a hoodie over your head then stick you in a dark room and you would have no problem tying or untying your shoes, you could probably even get the knots out. Right?

What if I told you could master Google Adwords without investing any real time?

Introducing  Your Marketing  Virtual Admin (VMA)

Like most things in life a virtual admin or in this case a Virtual Marketing Admin can make things so much easier for you. We’ve gone ahead and provided 4 tasks just to give you an idea of how a VMA can tame Google AdWords, save you time and money all while bringing new sales or clients to your business!

Task 1: The Research:

As you probably already know, research is the beginning point for all marketing. This crucial step can literally set up your marketing or advertising to win or lose. And when it comes to Google AdWords, I would say that keyword research is the #1 task a Marketing Adwords Virtual Admin can accomplish for you! Why?  Because everything else hinges I’m getting your keywords right, let me explain. Without proper keyword research, you will miss identify your ideal prospects, you will probably spend too much money per click, And in some cases, you’ll be throwing your money away. You might just as well go to Vegas and put your campaign’s budget on the roulette wheel, at least there you have a 50-50 chance of making your money back.

Keyword research allows you to see the words and or phrases your ideal prospects are typing into Google when they are looking for your business. It also gives you an idea of how competitive these keywords can be which directly affects the amount of money you’ll be spending on these ads. Finally, keyword research allows you to create articles and blogs and even social media content that would be relevant to your ideal prospects. All those benefits are available when you do your keyword search correctly.

The Challenge:

The challenge with doing research of any kind is that it can be very time-consuming for a veteran and it should be because so much is writing on it. However for a novice marketing research or even keyword research can be overwhelming. And what would take Virtual Marketing Admin a few hours could take you a few days.

Ad Testing:

When it comes to the success of your advertising, Ad Testing is essential. You need to know what’s working and as quickly as possible. A Virtual Marketing Admin can set up various ads with various variables and test them to see which Ad creative is most likely going to bring you the best ROI.

The Challenge:

The challenge with Ad Testing is similar to the challenges you face doing research above. But add testing has some unique components, for good testing data you have to create multiple ads and test them all simultaneously, in other words, these ads are live and they’re costing you money, that’s okay because you need the data. You need to figure out which ad or sets of ads are working. So for example,  if you spent $500 on testing your ads and now you found an ad that was really workings, that one single add can make you thousands maybe millions of dollars, so it’s totally worth it. When it comes to Ad Testing what would take your Virtual Marketing Admin a few weeks could take you a few months. Which is why so many businesses skip this very important step.

When our VMA begins to develop a new client persona for our clients, we use Similar Web and Alexa, which are free tools. We’ll also use WhatRunsWhere.com, which is a competitive intelligence service for online media buyers.

These online tools allow you to collect data from competitors or influential sites in your space. For example, if my ideal prospect was male, we would look at data for sites like MotorTrend.com. Using Alexa and Similar Web, we would find that the site is visited heavily by males, with some college education, with the majority living in the United States.










Setting You Up :

I know, this is an obvious but a your Virtual Marketing Admin will properly set up your campaign including all the bells and whistles that’ll convert your ideal prospects into customer, while at the same time saving you some big bucks on costly mistakes most business owners make when running a Google Adwords campaign for the first time.

The Challenge:

The challenge with setting up your own campaigns is minimum, you can probably get it done fairly quick. However, your Virtual Marketing Admin has the ability to pull all of the resources and research to set up your campaign correctly, they can even set your daily spending limits. then they can come to you once a week with a report explaining what is happening with your Google AdWords campaign, track your visitors, your opt-ins, and your conversions.

The best part about having a VMA is that your advertising your business effectively, while your controlling how many hours you want them to work on your marketing. some of our clients have set a limit as little as 10 hours per week, and that’s all it takes once your research and your campaigns are up and running.

I hope that this article on utilizing a Virtual Marketing Admin has been helpful, should you have any questions about or would like to visit about having your very own VMA please send us an email via  Support at Bert Martinez. Com.

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