The Most Important First Step in Creating a Steady Stream of Sales

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For a long time now my team and I have help countless companies and startups with setting up their sales systems.

Did you know that 95% of the companies that fail. Fail because they simply cannot bring in enough new clients or sales? From start-ups to large companies I can tell you that they all have one thing in common, most of them don’t have a teachable selling system.

A sales system is for anybody that wants to create predictable sales for their office, their department, or their company no matter the size. So whether you’re a startup or large company I’m going to urge you to stop whatever you’re doing and start creating your sale system today.

Below, my guidelines for sales system success.


Your sale system should be teachable and duplicatable. No matter the size of your company if you cannot document and teach your sale system to others then you’re setting yourself up for some serious trouble. Everything, your scripts, your greetings, email signatures, even they way you explain services to your customers must all be written down so you or your managers could teach a new hire. This will save you money but will make sure your brand is being promoted in a consistent manner for best results.

Leads & Prospects

How do you find new prospects or how do new prospects find you? Whether you’re cold calling or using advertising you must always be identifying and collecting new prospective clients.

Follow up

It has been said many times that the fortune is in the follow up. However most companies and salespeople have no follow-up system whatsoever. Remember most people buy from you after your 4th or 5th follow up. With today technologies you can create very inexpensive follow-up tools that happen automatically and are easy to implement. One of my favorites is a email program called


All great systems must have standards and your sales system is no different. The standards will quickly allow to check that the basics are being met by you and your staff. Standards should include but are not limited to: how many prospects to see every week, how many sales, what to do when a new clients calls the office, scripts to memorize, mandatory meetings, and so on. Standards are the framework of an organization they indicate what is expected as well as what is unacceptable.

Sales People

Whether you’re doctor or lawyer or plumber everyone in your organization is a sales person. Don’t fall into the trap that because X type of business your people aren’t sales people nothing could be further from the truth.

Closing Thought

Systems make everything run faster, bigger, better. The Pyramids were built because they had a teachable system. McDonald’s Hamburgers sell more than anybody because of their system. Want help or have
questions about setting up a sales system?> Go here<

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