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By Monica Fike, Editor at LinkedIn News

Meta has sounded the return-to-office alarms. Beginning in September, the Facebook parent will require employees to work in the office three days a week, The Information reports, citing an internal memo. It’s a marked turnaround for the tech giant, which was a staunch advocate of remote work during the pandemic. The news follows a series of Meta layoffs — 10,000 employees were let go in recent months — and CEO Mark Zuckerberg “hinted” in March he wanted more Metamates to get back to the office. The policy, per sources, does not apply to those who are permanently remote.



Wesley Baines


Designer – DEI Advocate | ♾️ Ex-Meta

But still, this is a step backward for a company that previously claimed they were “going to be the most forward-leaning company on remote work at our scale.” This change means it’s likely that Meta will no longer hire for remote positions, and with average tenure at the company being so short, it won’t be long until all the fully remote folks are filtered out.

This isn’t just inconvenient. The current wave of return-to-office (RTO) mandates is a tragedy for differently abled workers, many of whom found employment for the first time in years due to remote work making employment accessible. The percentage of differently abled people employed increased by 2.2% during the pandemic, rising 3 times faster than the general population.

But now, even companies that embraced remote work long before the pandemic are jumping on the RTO bandwagon and demanding everyone return.

I wish corporate leaders would remember that the people who work so hard to generate their enormous salaries are actual human beings—just like themselves—with families, physical and mental health challenges, difficult life events, and more. Life happens. Remote work should always be an option.

But for now, many these executives will continue to work remotely, themselves, without having the empathy to allow others to do the same.

Let’s keep pushing for change for the most vulnerable among us.

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Meta Calls Employees Back to Office Three Days a Week • 1 min read
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