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Kimberlee Young, founder, and CEO of Develop Me by Kimberlee helps entrepreneurs and small businesses launch and grow their business in the noisy, social media arena. As a Digital Marketing Expert, specializing in Branding and Content Creation, Kimberlee conducts stratagem sessions with clients to get an eye for the owner’s vision to develop their dreams with a personal touch.

How did you get started in digital marketing?  With the recent changes to the Facebook algorithm, how much are businesses/brands suffering?

In your experience, where are businesses struggling in the digital marketing arena?

What is the difference between a business vs. a brand?

How important is your image for branding?

How can seasoned businesses start to brand themselves on social media?

How Do You Deal Fear?
Fear Is A Liar!

How can my audience find about
Twitter: @dmb_kimberlee
IG: @official_kimbeleeyoung

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