Kathy Tsai – Passions for Pets into Profits

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Kathy Tsai As the Founder of the online pet boutique, Petique, Inc.; Kathy Tsai is finally fulfilling her dream of working in the pet industry. Kathy has always been extremely fond of animals, particularly dogs, since a very young age. Her parents however, were not open to sharing their home with a furry friend, so Kathy patiently waited until college to purchase her first dog. During this time, she developed an even deeper love for animals, as well as a passion for the environment. This ultimately led her to begin developing Petique; a women and family owned business that specializes in pet supplies and consumables that are user-friendly and safe for both pets and humans. A majority of Petique’s products are eco-friendly and non-toxic, making them safe for the planet too.

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