How to Turn Your Love of DIY into a Business

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So, you love to craft, build and create things. While most people would rather just buy what they need, you enjoy the challenge of creating something useful. You have a unique gift and passion that others do not and you want to leverage that into a business to make some side income or even leave your full-time job. You came to the right place. We have some pretty cool ideas of things you can do to generate income from your love of DIY.

Make Greeting Cards

You can do this pretty easily. Even with the rise of digital mediums, physical greeting cards are still valuable today. There is still a special feeling you get when someone hands you that card. It means more than a text message or e-mail. Just get some paper, stamps, stencils and get creative with it. Have fun.

Design T-Shirts

It has never been easier to design a T-shirt these days. You can now make your designs on a piece of computer software like adobe illustrator. You can then import these designs into a website and have them print out the shirts for you. If you really want to, you can also get your own machine that you can use to print your designs onto your shirts.

Make scented candles

Everyone loves the beautiful smell of scented candles. These aren’t going away anytime soon and there doesn’t seem to be any scented candle mobile apps out yet. The supplies for these can be very cheap and you can get creative with the scents. Etsy is a really good site to sell these products on.

Build Sheds

If you are into building things and love hammers, wood and power tools, this is definitely for you. A shed is a great investment, it really saves people so much space in both their homes and their garages. It allows people to have space to actually park their car in the garage or even repurpose the garage into a game room if they want to. The problem is that many people do not know how to build a shed or do not want to go through the time and effort it takes to do so. This is where you come in. People will be happy to have a shed build for them to get some of that extra stuff out the garage.


Just remember that you will need a vehicle like a flatbed truck to transport your materials. If you are just getting started, it can be better to rent until you can buy.

Make Ornaments

This can be kind of seasonal as people typically want ornaments when the winter holidays start to approach, but it can be a great side hustle and can turn into some nice supplemental income.

Make pet accessories

People love their pets and the market for this is pretty sizable. If you can provide a wonderful accessory for someone’s pet, they will love you for it. Try to get creative with this one. Offer something that the pet stores do not, like customization. You can also try making accessories for pets that typically do not get accessories as well.

Make handbags

Women love handbags and they often have multiple handbags. You can create something unique that is unlike the popular lines. Do something innovative and you may even be able to charge a premium price for your handbags. Try experimenting with different materials. Try experimenting with different recycled materials. That can be an easy way to set your product apart. People love the uniqueness of products made with recycled materials and they like the fact that the products are environmentally friendly. You get bonus points from multiple categories and you have a build in unique selling point to set yourself apart.

These are just some of the options that you can use to turn that DIY passion of yours into a business Have fun.



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