How to secure your website

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Having a website that is not secure can be frustrating. If you get emails from customers stating that they picked up a virus from your site that will not sit well with your company. People avoid sites with malware. It is well worth it to spend the extra money. It will make a difference in your bottom line.

Types of Website Security Available

To prevent your website from crashing due to malware, you will need SSL Certificates. You can get the same kind of protection used by Fortune 500 companies. The installation process is relatively straightforward. It gets automatically installed if your web host is the same company that sells the certificates.

Here are the various types of site securities:

• Essential SSL
The Essential SSL validates your domain and authenticates your site. It has up to 256-bit encryption that allows data to get transmitted securely over the computer network. The validation only takes minutes. It comes with a security seal. The Essential SSL also carries a $10,000 warranty. The certificate is compatible with over 99 percent of browsers.

• Premium SSL
The Premium SSL gives individual validation to your organization as well as your domain. It includes up to 256-bit encryption to transfer secure data over the network. The validation will take one business day. It depends on the documents the customers provide.

It has a trusted seal that displays your business credentials. The Premium SSL has up to $250,000 warranty. Installation of the certificate is automatic if purchased from the same web hosting company. The SSL is compatible with over 99 percent of browsers.

• Wildcard SSL (Unlimited Subdomains)
The Wildcard SSL has proper validation for your domain as well as your organization. It provides security for an unlimited number of your subdomains. The validation takes one business day depending on the documents customers provide. It also comes with up to 256-bit encryption for extra security. There is a warranty of up to $250,000, and the SSL is compatible with over 99 percent of browsers.

• Extended Validation SSL
The Extended Validation SSL is the highest level of security. It will help to give your business a more competitive edge. You will get validation for your business. The browser’s bar will turn green for visitors to recognize it immediately. Validation will take from two to four business days depending on the documents customers provide.

It carries up to 256-bit encryption for added security. It has a trusted site seal that displays your business credentials. The SSL carries up to $250,000 warranty. The installation is automatic if the certificates come from the same web host. The license is also compatible with over 99 percent of browsers.

Reassuring Customers

Whenever visitors shop online, before they pull out their credit cards, they look to see if there is a padlock appearing on the web URL. With the security of these certificates, there will be a universally recognized icon that indicates that the site is secure to make purchases. For example, the site address will start with ‘https’ instead of ‘http.’ The ‘S’ means that the site is secured. Additionally, there is a site seal that gets displayed on the location reassuring visitors that the site is secured.

In conclusion, running a successful website includes keeping it secure. There are various site securities from which to choose. You can get Essential SSL, which is the most affordable package to keep your site running securely. You can get the Premium SSL that comes with a higher level of validation. You can get the Wildcard SSL, which gives you security as well as domain validation. Finally, you can get the Extended Validation SSL, which is the highest level of security for your site.

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