How Email Validation Can Help Your Business

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For many marketers and business owners, email validation has become a must. While email blasts have an impressive return on investment, their efficiency will decrease if they are not reaching their target. Let’s see how email list cleaning can help your business and what you should be looking for in an email validation system.

If you’ve never cleaned your email list, you may be facing a potential case of bounced emails. As a consequence of missing out the email marketing’s true potential. Here is how an email checker can support your digital marketing efforts:

  • It removes invalid email addresses from your list. This way you are saving money on your email service provider.
  • It eliminates abandoned contacts. People change their email address all the time and about 2,5% of your database goes bad within a month.
  • It identifies and gets rid of fake email addresses that ended up in your list. Did you know bots can sign up for your newsletter, even when you’re using the double opt-in method?
  • Some email verification services can detect spam traps and abuse emails. No marketer wants these in their list!
  • It improves your sender reputation and increases the chances of your email landing in your customer’s inbox, and not in the Spam folder.

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Learn more about your subscribers

A great email validation system not only cleans up your email list, but it can also help you learn more about your subscribers. Sometimes, all you have in your database is an email address, but if you find a more sophisticated email verifier, it can reveal the gender of that person, their first and last name, location and even the age of the email address. When segmenting your email list, this feature will prove to be of great benefit, as it will allow you to split your list according to gender or location and target your campaigns even better.

The power is in the list

Email verification goes hand in hand with email marketing. As they say, “the power is in the list,” and keeping a messy list is simply a risk not worth taking. A comprehensive digital marketing strategy requires great effort and resources. Entrepreneurs who invest in it understand how important a clean email list is and how it can take them closer to their goals. Reaching their customers is the first step to success.

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