Content Is King But It Doesn’t Rule Alone

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Since Bill Gates had declared it in 1996, it is a saying that has been adopted by most marketers all around the world: Content is king. Primarily what people mean by it is that the content of your website will help visitors to find you – helping your SEO ranking –, to develop an interest in your brand and products, to increase sales, and to show your brand in a positive light. Naturally, this only works for quality content. If you post frequently but low-quality content, it’s likely that it won’t have any positive effect at all. But the idea that content is all one needs to succeed in establishing a strong online presence is a little simplistic. After all, with the amount of new content being published online every day, if the content were indeed the only thing that mattered, then the website with the most content would be on top of the search results. However, this isn’t always the case. It’s because the content is only the tip of the iceberg.

In 1996, Bill Gates declared: Content is king

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Be visible and easy to find

Indeed, for your online business for bloom, it needs to be easy to find online. This means for a start that you should pick your domain name carefully: It should be memorable, clear and preferably not too long. Additionally, there is also the matter of SEO. While content generation creates new SEO terms, it’s also essential to integrate markups to your code to help search engines understand your content and index it properly. The search engines spiders can then crawl markups faster and establish relationships between pages and ideas at a level that is close to human intelligence. Finally, there is no digital visibility without a solid social media presence. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Pinterest, YouTube and much more, it can be tricky to pick with platforms are right for you. As a rule of the thumb, an audience profiling will help you to define where your customers are the most active and therefore where you should be.

Don’t come unprepared

Don’t embrace content creation without thinking of your marketing strategy in the first step. Indeed, it is helpful to proceed to a complete analysis of your business, your competitors, the market and the interests of your customers to identify areas of weaknesses and areas of strengths. These will define your marketing strategy, and help you identify the type of context in which your content will exist. Additionally, it’s essential to rely on professional content generators, whether writers, graphic designers, video makers, etc. In short, if you don’t feel confident writing your blog posts, it’s best to outsource the task to a professional content agency or a freelancer with experience.

Be engaging and real

Last, but not least, you need to understand that online visitors don’t read your content simply because it is published on the website. They need to be convinced that it is worth their time. It’s about being able to engage effectively with customers and potential customers. From developing a personal touch with personalized emails or social media messages to holding a contest, there are plenty of ways of keeping things real and engaging for your customers. You can even consider hosting an event to be able to talk directly to your customers and discuss your latest updates with them.

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