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Stronger. Faster. Better. Longer… Well actually let’s talk shorter. We want to reduce the number of working hours that you do.

However, it’s not that we want you to clock off early and leave your work unfinished. It should be that you can clock off early because you have finished everything you need to. There is a huge gap between working long hours and getting things done.

Your productivity matters even more when it’s just you at the helm. The time you spend and what you do amount to dollars and cents. And sure many people say time is money, but not many people really understand that. The more work you are capable of, the more that you can bill for.

So what is it that can make you more productive?

Your output matters, but your input matters too. Are you continually pushing things to tomorrow, or the next day and then never being fully finished? Or are you honestly working within your hours as productively as you could be? Probably not.

So here are some quickfire tips and pumping up your productivity.

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Stand and Walk

There tends to be a lot of sitting down when you own your own business. And it isn’t because you want to sit down all day, it is because you have to get the work done, and most of the time you will be at a desk and a computer. Create a standing workstation, do you can stand up and get things done.

If you just don’t love that idea and have a timer set on your phone so you can go for a walk every half an hour. That blood circulation but also me you are less likely to end up with pay for backache, hitting any slumps, and will keep your brain ticking over.


There comes the point in growth where every business will have to hire the right people. Now it would be impossible to list every kind of industry and who you should be hiring in this section.

But have a look at the project that you have coming up, and the things that you do every day, every week to take up your precious time. This is where companies like DSC personnel can come in very handy. Delivering the exact people you need, exactly when you need them.

The Cleanup List

Every day you probably have some extras on your to-do list that actually are not essential. These are the ones that would technically be pushed to the next day. And this is a case of tomorrow never comes. Put any of these items on something called a cleanup list. The cleanup list will be a unqiue time slot, and you will complete things then.


If you don’t have a deadline, then you simply don’t have a rush. The deadline should be set by yourself; this means you are much more likely to meet the finish line.

Parkinson‘s law means that unless you have set deadlines, a task will take forever to finish. Set each of your deadlines at least two weeks before anything is actually due this means you will have the job well under control. Use tools like a Pomodoro timer to get this planned properly.

And finally, something that is essential is water. And as annoying as that might sound, if you are not hydrated you will be sluggish and slow. Your brain and your body need plenty of hydration every day to keep ticking over.

So either set a timer on your phone or download an app like Aloe Bud to make sure that you are sipping water all day long. In a matter of days, your brain will be taking over much quicker, and you will feel a lot brighter.


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