How To Create A Webinar That SELLS

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The Six Parts Of A Content-Rich Webinar That Sells:

If you want to build amazing goodwill, massive credibility, and authority while selling
more on webinars, you’re in the right place.

Webinars work amazingly well for selling all kinds of products and services. I’ve built webinar campaigns to sell “how-to” courses, to attract estate planners to a mobile advisory firm, and to even sell commercial ropes. (Yes. Actual ropes. From Facebook Ads no less.)

But most people struggle when it comes to making webinars work. Here’s why.

The typical webinars looks something like this:

Typical Webinars

 …And here’s the deal: NOBODY LIKES THOSE TYPICAL webinars.

It delivers NO REAL value to the audience, and usually leaves them feeling like you’ve wasted their time.

And that causes an extremely bad conversion rate …but the affects are far worse. They’ll hate you and your brand, you lose credibility and even more valuable your goodwill with your people.

Here’s the best way to do it:

Best Webinar System

The video above shows you exactly how to do each of these phases …and includes some examples.

If you like it (and you really want to create content-rich webinars so you can make sales), then register for this free training on how to do it :-) I’ll show you examples, give you handouts, and even walk you through winning campaigns.

Now – let’s talk about why they’re showing up in the first place …

It’s Not You, It’s ME.

Here’s the rub: They don’t care about you or me.

They don’t care about our publicity, our credentials, our “social proof” …or any of that.

We tend to believe that our history matters …that our past accomplishments will somehow have an effect on what we sell today.

But here’s the truth:

People do NOT buy your PAST. They buy your ability to help them NOW. And the best way to show them that you can help them NOW is by actually helping them NOW 🙂

…And that’s really why they’re attending your webinar today!

They need help NOW. And if you simply deliver real actionable value to them during the webinar, most of your “selling” is done for you – naturally without hype or pressure.

That’s why the video tutorial on this page will help you. Take notice how it walks you through a simple content strategy so you can provide real value …without boring them, overwhelming them or having to resort to any kind of high pressure sales junk.

If you enjoyed the short video tutorial and you want to learn the NEW strategy for creating and promoting webinars that sell, register for this free training. You’ll love it :-)


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