Uncomplicated SEO Tactics That Will Get Your Business Found!

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Want to make sure your business always gets found when a potential customer is performing a search? Check out our simple, but effective strategies below.

Always prioritise your audience when writing content

You may think that because your goal is to be picked up by search engines then crafting content specifically for them is the way forward. However, this is not the case. In fact, stuffing your work full of keywords for the sake of it can actually lead to your page being demoted!

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Instead, you need to always write for your target demographic, providing them with something of value. Indeed, there are two crucial reasons why this needs to always be your approach. The first is, as wonderful and complex as search algorithms are, they never put their hands in their pockets and actually buy your product. Customers on the other hand do, and there is all sort of value you can gain from valued content such as building a robust online brand and nourishing positive regard. All of which will help you succeed at the goal that supersedes high SEO rankings – successfully selling your product.

The funny thing is that when you create great quality content that helps people, more people will visit your site. This is something that the SEO algorithms pick up on, and value, so this influx of people will also help your climb through the SERPs ranks! Just remember to have the right goal in mind while you are creating your content.

Indeed, while we are on the subject of content, crafting your own can be tricky. After all, you may not be a natural wordsmith or someone for that matter that can successfully analyze the keywords that your potential customers are using to find you. The good news is that, even if this is the case, you don’t need to worry as there are people that specialise in this very area. In fact, by working with experts like the ones at seoshark you can ensure your content is both valuable and optimized for SEO. Therefore ensuring it is as effective as it can be online.

Backlinks have value

Search engines also love content that has backlinks to other sites. In fact, the more authoritative the sites that are linking back to you the better. The reason for this is that search engines treat backlinks as a type of reference. This is because they not only demonstrate that the content is organic in nature, but they also show that it has real value to people and therefore deserves to occupy a higher-ranked position.

Of course, once again the key to getting backlinks is to create genuine content, that provides value by solving the problem of the reader. Either by providing information, entertainment, or in many cases a combination of both.

Meta descriptions matter

So many businesses still do not have effective meta descriptions written for each page of their site, and this is something that can really let them down when it comes to SEO. The reason for this is that if you don’t have meta descriptions showing, you can lose out on SEO twice.

Once because search engines tend to prioritize keywords in this space, and twice because great meta descriptions will help to encourage readers to click through to your site as opposed to anyone else’s. Of course, as we know that more traffic also means better SEO, you can see why meta descriptions are so valuable.

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