Three Careers Where Professional Autonomy Pays Off

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Entrepreneurs and sole proprietors from all walks of life are constantly pursuing new ideas – some of which pay off, while others fail. In such a competitive world, it is ideal to have skill-sets that combine advanced training with more fundamental business skills such as communication, marketing and persuasion.

Some career paths involve working for other companies and businesses, while others force dreamers to pave their own pathway forward. Those who can manage to do the latter possess a certain level of “professional autonomy”; they’re able to function well in both formal and informal settings, and also rely on themselves alone when it comes to building success.

Let’s take a look at three career fields where mastering the art of professional autonomy truly pays off.

Personal Investigators

The world of criminal justice covers a wide array of career fields and potential business ideas. Those who pursue either a masters in criminal justice or online CJ degree can choose careers in anything from law enforcement to investigative work. In the world of personal investigators, a strong combination of skills and autonomy is required to succeed.

Not only do personal investigators have to master the art of communication, but they must be rigorous entrepreneurs in their own right. Most PIs begin their careers with no name recognition whatsoever: building a name for oneself and managing a prosperous business can be difficult in an arena where your name means everything. Nevertheless, working hard and mastering how to communicate – and understand how others communicate – generally pays off in this field.


Many people do not think about the world of politics as being rooted in business, but many of the same elements do apply. It is indeed a truly cut-throat world where communication matters, willpower is required and setbacks are all too common.

Because of this, most politicians do in fact possess a high level of professional autonomy. Each campaign is rooted in the notion that if you speak with enough people – and persuade them accordingly – you can win, and win big. Ultimately, elements such as salesmanship, marketing, storytelling and financial responsibility are all required to make a name for yourself in this arena.


From the lower rungs of your standard MLM endeavor to the heights of the Fortune 500 world, salespeople require a combination of meaningful characteristics in order to be successful. Many salespeople got their start in this career field on commission-only conditions. This means that their literal survival was tied to how good they were at communicating and convincing others to buy.

Professional autonomy combines the ability to provide for oneself with the ability to navigate the sometimes difficult corporate and business cultures of our world. There is arguably no better example than somebody who must bridge the gap between suit-and-tie wearing types and the average customer who naturally starts off being a bit skeptical.

Not every career path requires a combination of marketing, communications and mastering the art of autonomy, but those that do can be highly-rewarding for entrepreneurs. These three career fields all present opportunities for unlimited growth – if you can first perfect the broader skill-sets required to stand on your own.

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