This Is the Biggest Customer Service Mistake You’re Making — And How To Fix It Fast

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You must be willing to embrace this one essential ingredient of exceptional customer service.

If you want to move from middle-of-the-road, ho-hum customer service to the kind of exceptional customer service exemplified by great customer service-oriented brands like Ritz-Carlton, you’re only going to get there if you get serious about employee empowerment. There’s simply no way around this.

Once you’ve assembled your team, provided them with customized and high-quality customer service training, and immersed them in both the essence of your company’s philosophy and essential nuts-and-bolts customer service standards, giving them the autonomy to execute their roles effectively is crucial.

When the leash is pulled too tight, employees feel stifled and hindered in their ability to deliver their best work. Instead, encourage them to apply their unique style and strengths to bring the benefits of exceptional customer service to your customers.

Empowerment: A driving force behind exceptional customer service

Allowing employees properly trained in customer service to strive for excellence in their own way not only boosts their confidence but also allows them to take ownership of their role, leading to increased job satisfaction. In essence, allow your employees the space to breathe, grow, and shine. Trust them to use their judgment to make decisions that align with your company’s values and customer service goals. This approach can lead to a vibrant and effective customer service culture where employees feel valued, customers feel cared for, and your business thrives.

Source: Entrepreneur

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