The Best Software to Improve Business Communication

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There’s a fundamental difference between good and bad communication, and it’s all about effectiveness. If you’re not communicating in an understandable and responsive way, then there’s a good chance that your message is not going to be as impactful as you hope. For businesses, that can have devastating effects. That’s why it’s essential for businesses of every size to ensure that their avenues and methods of communication are as functional and productive as possible. In the digital age, that means making use of the best technologies and software available. Whether it’s communication with customers, suppliers, or in-house, here are the best software options for better business communication.

Best for the human element

No matter how large social media gets or how popular a business email may be, customers still like being able to contact businesses directly. With the rise of mobile phones, telephone calls to businesses are actually on the rise rather than decreasing. That means it’s essential that you have a human contact-point available at all times. This can be very expensive, and hugely limiting to your useable space as well. However, with software available that acts as an in-house call center, that communication avenue is much more easily achievable. Using options like Talkdesk or Aircall, you give your customers access to your business without the need to have a dedicated real-world call center in-house. The virtual call center is becoming one of the most valuable assets for a growing business.

Best for customer and supplier relationships

Establishing strong and positive relationships with your suppliers can make or break your business. Having good communications with your suppliers is therefore essential, yet finding the best software for this task can be challenging. So much priority is placed on other elements of business communication that the relationship between business and supplier is often overlooked. There are methods and software that can make supplier communication easier, with SAP B2B Supplier Portals provided by Omnia Ecommerce, which are able to allow for reduced costs, more efficient business/supplier collaboration, and boost efficiency. With the automation element of SAP software, you’ll have maximum control over your business process, which will keep your customers and clients happier too.

Best for planning a rota and schedules

When you have employees that are paid by the hour, your business is in a constant state of rota adjustment. People call in sick, holiday entitlement accumulates, and people occasionally show up on the wrong day. Rota management and scheduling can quickly become a very laborious element of running a business. With software options like Humanity or Homebase available, those rota nightmares can quickly become a thing of the past. With mobile phone capability, you can quickly adjust rotas and discuss changes in real time with affected staff members. As a time-saving tool, it’s hard to beat scheduling software, which is why every business with a non-salaried staffing team should be looking at making use of it.

Failing to communicate well means that you are very often not in possession of all of the facts. Expecting to be able to make decisions without knowing the relevant data means that you will be far more likely to make mistakes, which is why business communication should be a priority. Establish the best communication methods and the software that streamline them, and your business will be much stronger as a result.

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