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The business world is now fuelled by new technology and what was commonplace just ten or twenty years ago can now feel like a forgotten relic. If a company is to remain competitive in its industry, it needs to be aware of the latest software solutions.

Mobile Enterprise

Mobile enterprise solutions like internal mobile applications and the popularisation of bring-your-own-device-to-work schemes have created a new class of workers. Freelancers or contractors working off-site are becoming more commonplace in a changing business landscape that is taking advantage of the ability to poach the best talent from all around the globe.

In the past, mobile computing platforms were unable to perform certain tasks due to hardware limitations, but now laptop computers are capable of performing critical business processes without any issues. In fact, with office suites fast improving on tablets and smartphones, it will soon be possible to work with an even lighter load. For internal applications that relate to the specifics of your business, though, you’ll need to work with specialised service providers like Phorest to ensure your employees are able to securely access files while working from whichever device they choose.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing refers to the process of connecting with multiple off-site servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and analyse data. Because you’re able to connect to such a large number of devices—Microsoft says it has over a million servers powering its Azure, Outlook, and Bing Search platforms—the scale of tasks you’re able to complete is significantly greater.

One of the ways businesses can take advantage of this is through cloud storage, which allows you to store files online. This not only means that they’re more easily accessible, but it’s also much simpler to share documents with your colleagues too. Microsoft’s OneDrive service offers 15GB of storage for free, but business users can expand this for low-priced monthly plans. Microsoft currently offers 1TB of data (that’s 1,000GB) for £5.99 p/m and that includes access to Office 365. For reference, ITB is equivalent to approximately 50,00 trees being made into paper and printed. It could also store 1,000 copies of the full Encyclopaedia Britannica, 2,000 hours of CD-quality audio recordings, or 8,000 times more data than the average human being.

Technology at its simplest is all about making our lives easier. Software solutions that automate what were previously time-consuming, manual tasks are integral to moving businesses forward.


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