PR Opportunity: Best Bootstrapping Idea

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Query: Best Leadership Bootstrapping Idea

Please tell us your ONE favorite Bootstrapping strategies.

When it comes to Bootstrapping, what item, idea or strategy has made you a better entrepreneur or business owner? Please share with us your favorite strategy or idea for Bootstrapping. Also tell us how did you learn it, from a sheer inspiration, from a book, through a friend or mastermind. Please name the source OPTIONAL.

The more creative and unusual, the better. *Please note that only constructive, on-topic submissions related to this will be included.

**Before submitting, please research and double check your content for accuracy and attribution to the right person.**

The submission deadline is this FRIDAY, March 23 at Noon PT.

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As a reminder, please just share helpful information and insights (not blatant self/business promotion)- you will get attribution through submitting your photo/logo, name and/or web address.

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