Kory Angelin SELLOUT: How a Great Experience Can Help You SELLOUT of Your Product

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Kory Angelin is an award-winning fitness professional and two-time published author. He has worked with some of the largest health clubs in the country, is recognized in both television and print publications — including Sports Illustrated, USA Today, Maxim, Training & Conditioning and STACK Magazines. He has also enjoyed success on QVC.  His new book is SELLOUT: How a Great Experience Can Help You SELLOUT of Your Product.

When you say create a great experience for the customer, how does that translate into a sale?

Can you give a good example of the kind of customer experience you’re talking about?

Why is selling so hard, and why are so many salespeople not successful?

Can you talk about the experience of QVC?

What’s the one question you get more than any other?

How can a small business owner use the strategies in this book to improve their customer base?

Contact Kory: koryangelin.com,

How do you deal with FEAR?

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