Is Your Business As Protected As You Think?

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Is Your Business As Protected As You Think?

Building a business takes time, effort, dedication, and a lot of money. It’s something you pour your heart and soul into in the hopes that it will actually work out. When you think about it, starting a business is a bit of a risk. The stats are a bit ridiculous, with 60% of new businesses failing in the first three years of their lives. So, when you enjoy success and your business is stable, you want to keep it that way at the very least. 

This is why protecting your business should be number one on your list of priorities. An unprotected business is one at risk. You have to ask yourself, is your business as protected as you think?

First off, what do we mean by protection? Well, we’re mainly on about your security measures to keep outside threats at bay. Naturally, this will encompass traditional security and cybersecurity. Both of these are vital for different reasons, so you need to know if your measures are up to scratch. To help you find out, there are some questions below worth asking yourself.

Do you have a proper access control system at work?

An access control system is a critical part of your physical security measures. In essence, it’s a system that controls who has access to your building. In theory, it means you have control over who comes and goes at all times. As the business owner, you provide people with access to the facilities. Naturally, your employees will all have approved access, but everyone else will not. An example of such a system is a simple card scanner that unlocks your door. 

If you don’t have a system like this in place, it’s fairly easy for someone to wander into your building without permission. Who knows what damage they can do to your office before you realize there’s an intruder. 

Is your network protected 24/7?

All businesses have networks, which basically refers to all the different IT components you use. It’s easy to slap some antivirus software on your computers and assume that your data is protected. However, it might not be. Someone could easily hack into your network and steal your business data, causing a massive problem.  

If you have 24/7 cybersecurity protecting your network, these problems don’t happen. As you can see on, businesses can outsource managed IT services that handle your network security. You’ll have a team of people monitoring things at all times, reducing any outside threats.

Is Your Business As Protected As You Think?

Do you have a contingency plan?

What if something goes wrong that’s out of your control? Heck, coronavirus is the perfect example of this! Nobody saw this coming, and it caused huge problems for thousands of businesses. If you had a contingency plan, you had measures in place to reduce the damages and recover as quickly as possible. 

However, without a contingency plan, freak happenings can ruin your business. Many companies have folded because they didn’t plan for unexpected events like this pandemic. If you think your business is protected without a contingency plan, think again. 

If you answered yes to all three questions, your business is nicely protected. But, if you answered no to any of them, start implementing new security measures to give your company the protection it needs. 

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