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There are many industries that are expected to grow exponentially over the next decade or so. It is important to be aware of what these industries are as you could easily be able to capitalize on this growth whether you are in search of a new career, looking to start up a business or invest. Often, these industries are predicted to grow because of what is happening around the world at the time but other times it can be a little bit more complicated than that. So, if you are thinking of a career change anytime soon and want to find a secure and profitable line of work then consider these industries.

  • Renewable Energy

One of the more predictable industries that is expected to boom over the coming years it the renewable energy industry. More and more people and businesses are becoming eco-conscious due to the heavy media coverage of the impact that mankind is having on the planet and how action needs to be taken sooner rather than later. This industry is expected to grow all around the world with many different areas to consider entering.

  • Data & IT Security

In an increasingly digital world, data and IT security has become extremely important especially with the sharp rise of cybercrime in recent years. There have been many high-profile cybercrime cases, but even small businesses and individuals are targeted as it is thought that they will not have IT security in place. Data and IT security will only become more important as new, advanced threats are constantly being developed.

  • E-Commerce

A large percentage of people now carry out all of their shopping online and it is possible to purchase just about anything from the internet and get it delivered to your door in around 24 hours. Starting your own e-commerce company can be relatively straightforward, and there are a handful of products which are expected to surge in popularity, including:

  • Phone accessories
  • Maternity wear
  • Health and beauty products
  • Healthy food and drink
  • Sportswear
  • Healthcare

People are now living longer than ever which means that there is an increased demand for healthcare, particularly elder care companies and home healthcare services that can help people to age with dignity. In addition to in-demand work over the coming years, this is also important and noble work to do.

  • Location Analytics

Location analytics enables you to gain business advantages by using both business and geographic data to make informed decisions. This is an industry that is expected to double by 2023 which makes now a great time to enter the industry. You can enter the industry through further education, such as a location analytics MBA which will give students the skills and knowledge needed to excel in this valuable industry.

  • Digital Marketing

Every business needs to have a strong online presence, but it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd and get noticed when it is so competitive. Internet marketing helps businesses to increase their visibility and online presence in order to boost brand reputation, increase brand awareness, direct more traffic to their site and to convert visitors into customers. Innovative ideas and clever branding can see a business transform completely, so if you have original concepts and ideas that will stick, then consider going into this industry.

  • Gaming

Gaming has been a huge industry for many years now, but recent advances in technology have taken this to the next level. VR, for example, is providing people with a completely new way of playing video games and this will only continue as the technology improves over the years. VR is also crossing over into marketing techniques, so being savvy with the latest tech can stand you in good stead.

  • Residential and Non-Residential Construction

The rise in the demand for single-family homes along with remodeling and renovations for multi-family homes ensures that residential construction remains a stable industry with predicted growth while non-residential construction is also expected to grow with an increased need for health facilities, schools, and offices.

  • Craft Breweries

The brewing industry has experienced growth in the USA and abroad with the growing interest in craft beer. Microbreweries are popping up everywhere, and this looks set to continue as more and more people look for independent and artisan goods as opposed to mass-produced products. Similarly, distilleries and wineries are also predicted to grow over the coming years.

  • Mobile Food Services

Food trucks and non-stationary food vendors are appearing in major cities throughout the USA and overseas with the reputation of this type of food shifting drastically. Mobile food is no longer considered “fast food” with many becoming key culinary institutions in their towns and attracting people from both far and near to sample the food and soak up the atmosphere of the area.

  • Pet Care

People have always loved pets but are now spending more money than ever on them – this is, in part, due to the rise of social media. Pet food, supplies, toys, veterinary care, grooming, and boarding all fall under this umbrella, and it is a huge industry which has benefited greatly from rising incomes in recent times.

  • Cosmetics & Beauty Supply Stores

With both men and women becoming increasingly conscious about their appearance and trying to slow down the aging process (again in part due to social media), it is no surprise that the cosmetics industry has experienced rapid growth over the last decade. This is expected to continue for the foreseeable future as the products improve and people continue to want to look and feel their best.

These industries have all experienced growth in the last few years, and it is expected that this will continue over the next decade and beyond. This is largely due to various social, economic and political factors which all have a huge impact on the economy and employment. Those looking to enter a secure and lucrative industry should turn their attention to any of the above, while these industries should also be of great interest to entrepreneurs and investors looking to capitalize on their growth.

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