How to Support Your Employee’s Health & Fitness Goals

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Promoting health and wellness in the workplace is one day to improve relations among team members and help them meet their personal goals outside of the workplace. One area in which many individuals struggle to find a balance between work and personal life is in meeting fitness goals, as workplace hours typically limit gym time, and eating lunch in the office every day can serve as a hindrance to some individuals’ diet goals. Whether a member of your team has just undergone a weight loss procedure from RCMC ( or is just beginning their fitness journey and hoping to lose 50 lbs, supporting them in the workplace is one of the most beneficial ways to ensure that they meet their goals.

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Here are 3 ways to support employee well-being in the workplace.

1. Offer Gym Memberships

One benefit that many employees around the country report being satisfied with is a gym membership that is offered at the expense of their employer. Offering your employees a gym membership or the equivalent of one (such as yoga classes) is a great way to alleviate the financial burden of workout out and encourage them to do so.

2. Get Active

Giving employees a reason to get active during the workday will not only help them meet their fitness goals but will help to break up the monotony of their everyday work routine and boost morale around the office. Host walking meetings, get a standing desk and mini treadmill for the office or encourage incentives for walking to work (like gift cards to coffee shops along the route for employees who walk or a friendly competition that tracks everyone’s miles). This will also boost productivity around the office, as physical activity leads to higher levels of mental clarity and other benefits that are linked to a boost in productivity.

3. Incorporate Food

Help support your team’s dietary goals by putting some healthy snacks in the office kitchen or ordering lunch from a healthy spot once or twice a week. Support specific diets; if you have a vegan on your team, order lunch from a local vegan restaurant. If you have someone who is on a KETO diet plan, ask them to choose a restaurant for lunch where they can select a dish that fits into their plan. This will ensure that everyone feels included and supported in their particular dietary journeys, while also encouraging healthy eating and ensuring everyone has better access to a meal during the workday that will keep them on track to achieving their goals.

Supporting your employees’ overall health and wellness is the key to making them feel included and involved in the workplace while boosting morale and productivity. When you help your team stay healthy, everyone wins.

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