How To Reduce The Environmental Impact Of Your Business

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Every person living on this planet should be concerned about climate change. Whether you are a world leader, a business person, or an individual, every one of us has a responsibility to do something about the way that we go about our daily lives and the impact that we have on the environment.

As businesses, it is our duty to ensure that we are doing this, regardless of size. Even the small business can make a difference, and by reviewing and changing your own companies environmental procedures, you will be able to influence the lives of your team who will be able to take those changes home with them and look at reducing their own individual carbon footprint.

Whatever industry you are in, you should be looking for ways that you can do your bit for the environment as a whole. Here are a few ways that you can start to do this.

Look At Reducing Waste Water

Every business uses water. And, while some industries will have a greater need for it, we should all do our bit to not waste it. The world is on the brink of a water crisis, and a third of the world affected by a lack of clean drinking water. This crisis is set to spread unless we all change our ways. That means, not using water unless we need to, and looking for alternative ways of meeting our water needs.

Looking at the sinks and toilets in your business will be a starting place. Repairing any leaking faucets and installing flushes that use less water, or even take their water from rainwater butts could be a good option. Flushless urinals can be effective too.

In businesses that are reliant on water in their production methods, there are a few things that can be done. Looking at whether this water can be reused within a closed system, and looking at ways of separating oil from water to prevent contamination using technology from

Look At Your Energy Consumption

 All businesses need power. Whether it is for the office lights and the computers, or whether you are powering a whole factory, you will consume power. But if your current energy supplier is reliant on fossil fuels to produce electricity, then you should look at changing to a supplier that provides fully renewable energy from green sources such as solar, wind, or water.

Find ways within your company to reduce the amount of power that you are consuming too. That may mean shifting to technology that is more energy-efficient. You should also look at ways that you can reduce the amount of time lights are kept on for. Fitting motion sensors in all rooms will ensure that your lights can turn themselves off if there is nobody in the room. You should also do everything that you can to encourage your staff to turn off electrical devices whenever they are not in use. Empowering your team with responsibility for the reduction of electricity within your company will be vital.



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