How to Make Your Business More Customer Friendly

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Businesses need customers to make their company survive and grow, and as a business owner, you will be looking for as many ways to attract new customers as possible. However, even though you might have a large customer base, you might not be doing all you can to keep them happy. Sometimes companies can become too focused on the goals that they forget about their customer service. Here are a few ways you can make your company friendlier and more accessible to its customers.

Be Friendly but Not Aggressive

You may have been in a store where as soon as you enter there is a salesperson following you around. While it can be seen as being helpful, many customers don’t like to be hassled. If you have stores, train your salespeople to be available to your customers, but not to be too aggressive. That way, they are less likely to walk out, and more inclined to carry on browsing and possibly buy something. The same idea applies across all formats of sales, trying to force a sale will result in resentment from the customer and maybe hinder a sale. Be helpful and inviting, and your customers will approach you.

Make Payments Easier

You might think that any company would try to make payments easier for their customers. However, there are many ways that you can make things easy and instant. One example is allowing your customers to pay via your website. Some companies only offer one or two options, but the more ways your customers can pay, the more likely you are to get that impulse buy. If you are selling at a fair or market, then using a cell phone payment solution such as Verifone will mean that don’t have to rely on your customers carrying cash.

Make Communication Easier

The way you communicate with your customers is as important as how you run your business. With technology and cell phones now the norm, customers expect to be able to contact your company 24 hours a day. If you are only offering a telephone or email customer service, your customers will likely start to complain. Provide them with alternative platforms such as Twitter and other social media channels. You can also offer web chat and even video chat if necessary. Not only will it please your customers, but it will also lead to a better reputation for your company.


Even the best businesses will still expect a few complaints. However, it is how you deal with them that will make the difference to your reputation. By having a strong procedure to deal with complaints you will be able to diffuse the situation before the escalate. Your customers want to know that you are taking their complaints seriously.

By doing a few small things, you can dramatically improve your relationship with your customers and encourage word of mouth referral. That will lead to a more trusting relationship and a greater loyalty towards your brand.

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