How Can a Diplomacy Degree Help in Business

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Many degrees that you can earn teach you valuable skills that you are able to transfer to different fields. The skills that you can learn while pursuing a diplomacy graduate degree, or while attending any sort of online diplomacy program, can be very helpful when working in the many fields, including the business field. From international commerce to an emphasis on values, here are three ways that a diplomacy degree will help you in business.

New Skills

It is important to remember that every degree teaches you something, even if you end up moving to a different career later. A masters in diplomacy is no exception to this rule. While studying diplomacy, you will learn many valuable skills. There are many things to take away. First, diplomats and businesspeople need to be able to work effectively as part of a team that might be made up of very different people. These differences cannot detract from the purpose of the interactions, or cause a block in the company’s work. Secondly, it is important that they have are able to practice effective communication. Diplomats and businesspeople both communicate through written and verbal communication methods. Both are skills that will be practiced as part of a degree in diplomacy. Like diplomats, business people must be able to effectively communicate with a variety of people in different cultures, while also being able to work through social media.

International Commerce

The study of International Commerce is something taught in a variety of masters in diplomacy programs. At Norwich University, for instance, the subject is one of the four concentrations offered. The program is designed to help you learn about running a team that exists in several countries, while also giving you the skills that are needed to effectively communicate with a variety of businesses. International Commerce is also something that might be useful to study if you are ever planning to ship your products to a different country. This branch of study helps you learn the different laws and policies that impact the commerce that occurs on an international scale, giving you tools to be an effective, and respected, force in the international market.


Although diplomats and large businesses have a reputation as people who lie, it is important to remember that in both business and diplomacy, you are building a relationship. As such, there are several key things to remember. First, it is important to stick to your values. Don’t back down or compromise the things that you claim to stand for. This is important for diplomats and businesses, as it helps you build and establish your reputation as someone who is consistent. Second, before meeting with a potential client or new company, make sure that you have done your research. It is also important to be honest, another critical step toward establishing your reputation as a trusted business or individual.

As someone who is entering the business world, there are many things that can be learned from other fields. A degree in diplomacy can give you an understanding of how international commerce works, as well as helping hone important skills like communication and maintaining your values.

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