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Powering your small business to reach the highest levels of success can be frustrating if your budget for marketing is smaller than average. In the past, it was virtually impossible to market companies without investing hundreds or thousands of dollars into advertising, such as radio ads, print runs, or video commercials. Now, it’s possible for even the tiniest of marketing budgets to get some effective coverage. Check out these small business marketing ideas that are totally free.

Create Social Media Accounts

Before you do anything related to marketing your business, make sure you sign up for as many social media accounts as possible. The most popular social media platforms are completely free and can be used as effective marketing tools. Instead of investing money into social media marketing, you will need to devote some time and creative thought to your posts in order to get the most out of your presence online.

Take Visually Interesting Pictures

Next, with your new social media accounts, take advantage of the power of visuals by taking eye-catching pictures. Each picture you take and post should have some sort of marketing purpose. Don’t invest in a pricey high-quality camera for your picture posts; use your smartphone’s camera and some editing or filter magic to give your pictures a unique look. Include clever captions with each picture to give your potential customers something to think about.

Assign Employees To Spread the Word

You can also recruit your current staff members to help with the free marketing for your business. Consider thinking of each staff member as an ambassador of your brand and company. Have your employees spread the word about your business to people in their own network, both in person and online. This can be a free marketing idea that could effectively boost your business’ reputation. Reward employees who are the most successful with incentives or other prizes.

Put Hashtags in Your Content

Another way to market your company without spending a dime is to use hashtags. Hashtags are popular on many social media sites, but most people don’t really know how to effectively use them. Anytime you post something online, include multiple hashtags related to your business’ name, your industry, or other topics related to your field. Then, all of these posts will be permanently linked with other similar posts throughout social media.

Provide Expert Advice

Companies that offer products and services to the community are usually regarded more positively than a business that stays silent. Take advantage of this fact by offering free, expert advice in your field to the general public. You can do this in person at your storefront, or you can post webinars or online sessions for free periodically. As you position your company as an expert, you’ll continue to boost your reputation and market share.

Post Unique Videos

Online videos are also incredibly effective when it comes to marketing a business. Mark Crumpacker, who created the classic Chipotle marketing videos, helped convey a strong message about the company’s mission and boosted the business’ marketing goals. Create videos that tell a story or have the potential to go viral to get the most out of your video production time.

Design Classes and Community Events

The last free marketing idea works best for companies with an actual physical location, but it is also possible for online businesses. Create helpful classes or community events to share your knowledge with others while also advertising your products or services. This is a free way to reach out to potential customers and help them know your name.

Marketing your business doesn’t always come with a steep price tag. There are plenty of free ways you can promote your company. Try out some of these ideas to give your business a better position among your competition.

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