Four Secrets for an Effective Video

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Videos should be a crucial part of your brand’s strategy. YouTube is the world’s #2 search engine, and it’s own by Google,
videos offers a powerful way to tell your story, drive engagement, and generate sales.


To guarantee your video message sticks in your prospects’ minds and drives action, follow these four key strategies.
1 Engage With EmotionalVideo stories that engage the most are emotionally charged. For instance, Dove has as over 54 million views on YouTube with its smart “Real Beauty Sketches” – a wonderful example of a brand story with a valid emotional strategy.Need to showcase a feature-heavy product? You can still create a video that delights.
2 Child-Proof Your MessageYour message should be simple and clear enough for a six-year-old to understand. Play to video’s strength and rely on visuals – not fancy words – to get your point across. For product videos especially, use simple, short voice-over whenever possible.
3 CTA – Call To ActionSmart effective videos invite the viewer to take action. Your video should include a single, clear call to action. Invite viewers to do one thing – it could be doing an assignment ,  sharing via social media or visiting your website or opting into a list. An Action should be the main goal of your videos
4 Pick Something and Stick With It Pick a core message and stick with it. Multiple messages in your video can confuse your viewer. It’s a real conversion killer!
Telling great stories over video really boils down to simplicity and authenticity. Maintain a clear goal of delivering content that entertains and helps, and keep your message and calls to action straightforward and easy to understand
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