Dr. Diane Hamilton

 In Business, Relationships, Selling

Dr. Diane Hamilton is an award-winning speaker, nationally-syndicated radio host, consultant, author, and educator. Through her work as the MBA Program Chair at the Forbes School of Business and at several other universities, she has taught more than 1000 business courses. Top companies, including Forbes, have hired her to speak to groups to improve employee relationships, increase engagement, improve productivity, and reduce conflict. She is the author of multiple books, one of which was required reading at a technical university, titled: It’s Not You, It’s Your Personality.

How does your radio show tie into all of your other work you do with education, speaking, and consulting?
What is the most-requested topic you get for speaking engagements?
I saw that you were associated with several networking groups like C-Suite Advisors and the Genius Network.
What is your connection with C-Suite Radio and that group?



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