CEOs are having their worst year in decades

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Chief executives have left their posts at an alarming rate this year Westend61/Getty Images

It’s been a bad year for CEOs.

Chief executives have left their posts at an alarming rate as their performance — and their behavior — come under increased scrutiny by corporate boards.

What’s happening: Well over 1,000 CEOs have left their companies this year, according to a Challenger, Gray & Christmas report. That’s 33% more than last year and the highest total in the first seven months of the year since the staffing research company began tracking exits in 2002.

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“While specific details regarding these exits are typically undisclosed, it is evident that more CEOs are exiting due to the new pressures of their roles, the relentless pace of change, and, in some cases, their own actions,” they wrote.

The role of the CEO is changing rapidly, they said, and executive boards have been struggling to keep shareholders happy.

September’s exits: At least three major CEOs have stepped down in the first two weeks of September alone.

Source: CNN

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