CashorTrade CEO and Founder: Brando Rich

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CashorTrade has members in every state in the nation and more than 20 countries around the globe. In June alone, they gained over 6,200 new members and had days with over 1200 posts.

Raised $400K in their first round of fundraising, announced in May.

June 11: Launched Trader’s Protection™, their 100% money-back guarantee. Previously the site used Paypal for all transactions. Creating our own system has streamlined the payment process, and added a level of protection to all purchases. Unlike our competitors (who charge the buyer and seller 25% of the listed price) fees at under 10%, with all tickets going for face value. Gold members recieve rates of 3% on all tickets (the same rate as PayPal previously charged and

Raised $400K in their first round of fundraising, announced in May.

Touted as the “Airbnb of concert tickets” (, CashorTrade was founded in 2009 by Brando and Dusty Rich. What began with two brothers and a bulletin board has steadily grown into an online fan community of over 170,000 members.

In 2017, CashorTrade caught the attention of the ticketing industry during Phish’s “Bakers Dozen” at Madison Square Garden. The site handled more than 50,000 transactions, accounting for 25% of the stadium’s seats during the 13-night run. This was a surprise and seemed to be a tipping point within the Phish community. The site has continued to flourish, growing its transactions by 40% over the previous calendar year.



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