Becoming A Professional Driver: Everything You Need To Know

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Becoming A Professional Driver: Everything You Need To Know

Becoming a professional driver can take many forms. Perhaps you’re a young person looking to kickstart your career, or maybe you’re part-way through your working life, and looking for a change! Being a driver is much more than meets the eye; it takes dedication, skill and patience. But what does being a professional driver actually mean? Here are some examples of work you can do as a professional driver.

    1. Luxury driver. You could be a driver of luxury vehicles which transport high security individuals such as celebrities or politicians. This requires smooth driving skills and a high level of discretion.
    2. Long-haul driver. If you love the open road, you could become a long haul truck driver. These drivers have a certain reputation and are presented in movies as usually bizarre individuals. However, long haul driving is a skilled job which requires extensive concentration and responsibility. It is a very important job, not to be taken lightly.
    3. Taxi driver. If you enjoy a fast paced working environment, being a taxi driver might be for you. You work against the clock, weaving your way through the traffic of a busy city and getting your customers where they need to go as fast as possible!
    4. Delivery driver. This could be food or goods delivery! This is a great job which requires you to handle time sensitive, important packages for your local neighbourhood.

How Do I Become A Professional Driver?

Depending on your country of residence, there are different routes that can be taken to becoming a professional driver. This also depends on the level of driving you wish to attain. To become a taxi or delivery driver, you will simply need a drivers’ license and a vehicle which is maintained to company standard. Certain taxi drivers such as London black cab drivers spend years training their brains to memorise the complex city structure; most contemporary drivers, however, operate using GPS to guide them.

If you want to drive HGV trucks, you need a special license. This is due to the size of the vehicle; it requires another level of training on top of a regular drivers’ license.

I Need Professional Drivers For My Business. How Can I Hire Them?

If you are looking to hire professional drivers, you can do this through many avenues. There are agencies who hire out drivers, which can provide you with the services you need. These are more expensive than hiring a driver outright, but the drivers are already vetted and trained by the agency – so you don’t have to.

If you are starting a long haul business you will need a few things to get you started, including cheap HGV insurance, a repertoire of clients and trustworthy drivers. Advertise for qualified drivers on regular employee sites and soon you will find yourself with qualified applicants who are raring to go.


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