Andrew Weisblatt – Small Legal Tips That Will Save Your Business Big Money

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Andrew D. Weisblatt, of the Weisblatt law firm has been practicing business law for over 25 years. He regularly represents businesses in all facets of their operations, from start-ups to multi-national businesses from purchasing and selling commercial real estate to litigating issues that cannot otherwise be resolved. Having served as COO of a multi-national master distributor, Mr. Weisblatt brings a solution oriented focus to all the issues he’s called upon to address. Mr. Weisblatt is hugely proud that his very first client remains his client today!

Entity Formation – should I think about this now or later?

What is the difference between a non-disclosure agreement and a non-competition agreement?

I’ve been sued!  Now what?!?

I want to buy an existing business, how can a lawyer help me?

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