Amazon Launches Live Streaming

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Amazon is launching its own live streaming shopping channel to promote products on the platform called Amazon Live, as first spotted by TechCrunchCurrently, Amazon controls about half of the United States’ e-commerce market.

On the list of companies that Amazon has crushed in the e-commerce space is QVC, which broadcasts its own shows allowing hosts to chat about available products, making it easy for people to watch and buy. It appears Amazon is matching this approach with live streams available on its site and through a new app called Amazon Live Creator. The app allows brands to demonstrate their products live, fielding real-time questions from customers. 
Unlike a traditional home shopping show, Amazon’s app will allow multiple live streams to happen at the same time, like a bizarre cross between Youtube and the Home Shopping Network.  In between each live stream segment, there are ad breaks that advertise the Amazon Echo Dot. Right now, it’s streaming Valentine’s Day Gift ideas including a chocolate fountain.

This live-streaming may be a big help to consumers too, who have to navigate through a sea the fake goods and the fake reviews. So shopping online involves a lot of vetting customer reviews, photos, and videos to see what’s really worth buying, especially when dealing with unknown brands. It makes a lot of sense why Amazon would want to expand into live stream shopping.

The test is if people are even willing to sit through these videos. The shows can showcase about 30 products per stream.  Amazon Live is already available on the site, but the app is currently only available if you have an invite code and of course an Amazon account. 

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