A Simple Strategy To Boost Your Productivity

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In our last few coaching calls the topic of productivity has come up so I thought I would share this simple strategy that has helped me improve my productivity significantly.

One of the best strategies (and the most simple) to improving how much I produce in a day is this: When you wake up in the morning (or afternoon like some folks), immediately sign on your computer and start working on one profitable activity for 30 minutes.

Don’t check email, workout, take a shower, eat breakfast, watch TV, or anything else until you get that 30 minutes of solid work complete.

I know this sounds simple, best ideas are, but it really does work. It gets your brain focus and thinking about the activity throughout the day, before anything has the chance to distract your energy. If you suffer from ADD it helps keep you focused instead of jumping around.

Now… when I say profitable, I mean cash, income, revenue, something other than reading emails, posting on forums, checking affiliate stats, etc. Instead, build a website, do some niche research, review your resume, continue working on a product, add something to your auto-responder sequence, read a How-to book, etc.

I know this:

When I start the day off gaming, my day is spent playing video games.
When I start the day checking emails, my day is spent checking emails.
When I start off working on a product, my day is spent working on my product.

It’s a simple strategy, but it really works. And it doesn’t take a lot of practice getting used to.

Try it for yourself for a couple days, take notice of what happens, and I can guarantee you that you will like the results!

Drop comment and let me know what you think – thanks.

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