6 Steps to Create Compelling Business Content

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Most customers first interact with businesses through online media. Indeed, many sales pros never meet face to face with their clients, which is just one reason why making a good impression online counts for so much. Unfortunately,  businesses often struggle to produce content that resonates with their target audiences. What’s more, many business owners can’t even tell if their content is hitting the mark or not. If this problem sounds familiar, then make sure to check out this six-step guide to create better –– and more profitable –– content:

Conduct Market Research 

One myth that many accept regarding content creation is the idea of universal appeal. Often, marketers will form strategies intended to draw in the largest amount of online traffic possible. However, the truth is, more traffic doesn’t always equate to greater financial success. It’s important to note here that some of the best marketing content lacks widespread popularity. Instead of trying to attract consumers that have no interest in your field, it’s much better to tailor content to qualified leads who will likely engage with what you have to say. And the only way to do that is to conduct thorough market research before you develop a long-term strategy. When businesses take the time to understand who their audience is, they have a much better chance at figuring out how to serve them better.

Look for Connections 

Writing a solitary blog post on a subject won’t provide a business with much tangible benefit. Plain and simple, getting a single post to rank highly on a search engine is going to be a difficult task –– especially for certain competitive keywords. In order to boost their site’s visibility, business owners should focus on creating related “clusters” of content that share a common theme or core concept. Not only is this an effective way to boost your site’s SEO through internal linking, but it will also provide visitors to your site with an easy way to learn about your business, services, or industry.

Go Bold 

Business can’t afford to produce bland, vanilla content. Now, that doesn’t mean professional copywriters have to reinvent the wheel every time they sit down to write a new blog, social-media post, or digital advertisement. However, for branded content to stand out, pros have to take a few risks and answer tough questions from time to time. The more transparent you can be through your content, the more consumers will take notice and, ultimately, trust what you have to say.

Sweat the Small Stuff 

As we touched on above, gaining consumer trust is key for businesses. On the other hand, content that makes visitors question your credibility is absolute poison. As such, it’s critical for marketers to take time to ensure their content doesn’t include any mistakes –– either stylistic or factual. The last thing a business owner wants is for their blog posts to actively upset or confuse their readership. Thankfully, there are a number of apps available now that will help writers catch errors they’d otherwise overlook.

Track Everything 

Market research through customer surveys is one way to measure the efficacy of your content. Still, surveys can prove expensive and don’t always yield results that are reflective of the majority. To ensure they understand which elements of their content strategy are working and which aren’t, business owners should employ methods like call tracking to monitor consumer behavior. What is call tracking? In plain terms, call tracking is a software that connects sales calls back to the digital content that generated them in the first place. So once a company determines which content inspires sales calls, they can adjust their current tactics to improve content performance.

Be Persistent 

Content creation is a business practice with a myriad of benefits, from increased consumer engagement to improved digital visibility. Yet, excellent content creation requires patience of persistence. Business owners may feel tempted to scrap a project or campaign after a couple of months if it doesn’t immediately generate the returns they expected. Therefore, it’s important to set realistic goals and understand that the rewards of consistent content creation may not manifest until months or even years down the line.

The Bottom Line

We’d be remiss if we didn’t point out that a little luck can go a long way toward boosting a website’s digital presence. It’s impossible to predict with 100% accuracy which pieces of content will make a big impact, but businesses can nevertheless make good decisions to increase that likelihood. By diligently studying their customer base, creating useful and professional content, and tracking its performance, business owners can “make their own luck,” so to speak. At the end of the day, content has to be a priority for businesses looking to improve it. Like anything else, the more effort you put forth to achieve a goal, the better results you’ll achieve!

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