4 Benefits of Using Professional Movers for Your Business

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Relocating a business either across town or to another city is a bit of an ordeal. There are so many things to organize from the new or temporary office space, to choosing the right movers, to seeing if all your staff are moving with the company. It takes a considerable amount of attention away from the day-to-day operations of the business during this time. It must go smoothly to avoid further distractions overwhelming matters.

Here are 4 benefits to using professional movers for your business.

Outsourcing the Heavy Lifting

The last thing you want is for staff to be attempting to lift heavy boxes and injuring themselves. They may put their back out or accidentally drop the box on another employee’s foot. Rather than accepting the business risk of having to make an insurance claim to cover the cost of medical care, pain and suffering, and loss of income during recuperation for an employee, it’s must easier to just outsource the heavy lifting to professional movers.

With movers, a Mover Job Description clearly indicates that heavy lifting will be required. The staff are required to be fit enough to lift heavy boxes – or use a forklift truck on occasion – to move heavy loads around. They often wear back supporting gear to prevent injury and have been trained properly on how to lift boxes to lessen the likelihood of injury; something your staff haven’t had.

Timely Moving to Avoid Excessive Business Disruptions

Avoiding business downtime is vital. You’ll probably want to source a US-based call center to answer the company’s calls and take messages during the moving process. Doing so avoids staff having to try to take calls while mayhem has descended on the office! It removes some of the stress from difficult days pulling off a successful move. It’s also a good idea to let all customers know on the website and with each phone call that the business is relocating and to expect a bit of disruption during the interim period.

Due Care Taken with Valuable Business Fixtures and Paperwork

Movers are adept at dealing with heavy business furniture, filing cabinets, desks and other items that are heavy and awkward to handle. They put the right number of people on each piece of furniture to move them successfully and undamaged out of the office, onto trucks, and back into position in the new office. Let the professionals do their job. Also, they know what packaging to use which prevents you needing to try to find something suitable yourself.

Professional Conduct of On-site Moving Staff

These days, movers know that they’re working on the premises of their clients and should behave in a professional manner. They understand the company has a responsibility to their employees to provide a safe, healthy workplace environment and that when they step into their offices, they must adhere to that to avoid creating potential human resources problems for their client. This is certainly appreciated by the company owners who don’t need this added headache following an office move.

Moving offices is a difficult time for everyone. Using a team of organized movers who have copious amounts of experience moving company offices from point A to point B provides reassurance for businesses that are doing it for the first time.

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