3 Ways to Use Your Accumulated Vacation Time

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Have you worked relentlessly for the past year without much of a break? If so, you’ll likely have accumulated a good chunk of vacation time. You’ve earned it, so you might as well use it! But what should you do with all your time? Do you use it all at once or break it up? Go somewhere exotic, or stay a bit closer to home? The options are endless! But fear not, because we have a few ideas that you might be able to use for all the vacation time you’ve gathered from work.

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Take a Vacation

The traditional route of using vacation is to, unsurprisingly, take a vacation. And why not? You could use a getaway! Life is too short not to go out and experience the world, and with such a busy schedule, it can be hard to find enough time to travel, but using your accumulated vacation time to do so is by far your best chance. But where should you go?

There are an endless number of vacation destination options available, such as the beach, where you and your family can enjoy some fun in the sun while building sandcastles and playing in the ocean. You might also choose to visit one of many legendary theme parks, such as Disneyland or Universal Studios, where you could easily spend four or five days before you’ve experienced everything the parks have to offer. Or maybe you’re more of a history buff and would love to see historical landmarks like Washington D.C. or Mount Rushmore. You could spread your wings and fly overseas to experience a week in a different country with a completely different culture, check out natural wonders of the world like Niagra Falls or The Grand Canyon, or possibly even stay at an all-inclusive resort in Jamaica. There is absolutely no limit to the things you could do!

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Visit Family

For those of us that live a long way from any family, we can often go months or even years without interacting with them face-to-face. If you don’t plan on going anywhere exotic, why not use your accumulated vacation time to drop in for a visit? This is the perfect time to book a flight to your parents’ or siblings’ houses and catch up. When’s the last time your kids saw their grandparents? Bring them along for the fun!

There’s nothing more nostalgic than having one of your mom’s homecooked meals and baked cookies and then watching an old movie with your parents. You can all gather around the table and play a board game as a family, eat snacks, and laugh as you recall stories about the good old days when you were a kid living at home—then when you’ve had all the family fun you can muster, it’s back to your fortress of solitude for another year.

Have a Stay-Cation

Who said you have to run off and do something luxurious with your time off? Sometimes relaxing in the comfort of your own home without the pressure of work is all you need! You can sleep in as long as you want, drawing all the curtains and closing the door to ensure zero sunlight disrupts your slumber. You are free to spend the next week or so catching up on your favorite television shows, going out with friends without the fear of waking up utterly exhausted, and going about your daily life at full energy.

You might also choose to use this time for indulging in a hobby, such as painting, writing, playing video games, or going to local sporting events. Maybe you could even catch a show at a local theater, spend an afternoon reading, or have game nights with your friends and loved ones. It might seem boring to some, but a stay-cation is actually the epitome of relaxation.


These are all excellent uses of your time off, but at the end of the day, you should use your accumulated vacation time however you see fit. If you want to go see a baseball game in the middle of the week, go for it. Feel like going to see your parents for more than the day or two that you see them during the holiday season? Have at it. Need to keep the couch company for a week? Nobody would blame you. Maybe you will even want to go the traditional route and actually take a vacation, and that’s perfectly fine too! If there’s some other way you would rather use your time, you should pursue it to your heart’s content. It’s your vacation time, and you can use that time in whichever way you please.

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