When Life Throws You Leadership Lemons, It’s Time To Step Up And Take The Mantel

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Leadership. Many people say you have it, or you don’t. And, there’s no denying that some individuals seem born to show others the way. They start giving orders from the crib and have a natural air of importance. Us others pale in comparison. It’s no wonder we’re happy to follow! But, what if there’s more to leadership than natural ability? You could argue that, just because someone’s good at giving orders, doesn’t mean they’re fit to lead.

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To prove the point, you only have to look at how many people change careers due to issues with management. Sometimes, that’s because of issues with the way the company itself runs. For the most part, though, the problem is the leader. They may talk horribly to staff or consider themselves above addressing them at all. Whatever the problem, you can see from examples like this that a natural leaning towards leadership doesn’t make you fit for the job.

So, that opens the floor for the rest of us. Us individuals who have always followed orders have the opportunity to give our own. It can be a daunting prospect if you’ve never considered leading before. But, if you’ve had countless bad experiences with leadership in your past, you owe it to yourself to give it a go. You could become the leader that you’ve always wanted to work under. Of course, you can’t jump straight in and expect it to work. You have to consider whether you’re qualified for the role. Here are a few things you should have under your belt to be the best leader you can be.

You’ve Been Where They Are

No colleague likes to work for a boss who’s never done the job in question. We’ve all been in a position where a boss new to the company storms in and thinks they know best. How can they if they’ve never done the work themselves? Gaining respect for a boss like that is next to impossible. If, however, you’ve been a colleague for such companies, you stand a better chance of gaining good working relationships. For one, you’ll have the experience you need to lead in the right ways. For another, people will respect where you’ve been, and so listen to what you have to say.

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That said, there is some leeway on this point. You can’t have worked every job where a leadership opportunity comes up. And, that shouldn’t be enough to put you off taking the job altogether. All you need to do is approach the situation in the right way. Don’t act like you know it all. Admit that you’re unsure about things, and ask colleagues to show you. They’ll appreciate your honesty, and respect you much more for it.

You’ve Had The Right Training

No one ever said that you had to gain qualifications to become a leader. But, just because they aren’t compulsory doesn’t mean they aren’t worth getting. This is particularly important when leadership doesn’t come naturally. All things can be learned, after all. You could study something like an online BA in organizational studies degree to give you the know-how. A course like this will teach you both the organizational and leadership skills you’ll need. Plus, it’s a qualification you can take forward with you in future roles. Or, you could opt for day long courses or seminars about public speaking and such. These are a fast way to develop the skills you’re going to need on a daily basis.

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A Passion For What You Do

As a leader, a passion for what you do is essential. It is, after all, your job to get your colleagues excited. If you aren’t passionate yourself, that’ll be an impossible task. So, you need to believe with your whole heart that your company is the bee’s knees. For that reason, you should never take a job for the sake of it. That may have been acceptable when you were working on the floor, but it won’t wash now. Instead, aim to work only for companies you believe in. Then, find out everything you can about them to boost your passion even further.

The Human Touch

Something many leaders forget is the importance of the human touch. In many ways, this is what will ensure your leadership success. Treating employees like human beings is a simple thing, but it’s the most important step you can take. Many in management positions forget to do this, and it becomes their downfall. Don’t let that happen to you.

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