What Comes First – Customers Or Employees?

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Two essential aspects of business: customers and employees. Now, the difference is obvious. Customers are people who use your business and buy products or services from the business; employees are people who work for the business and who sell the products or services to the customers. Without customers, the business would make no profit. Without employees, the business would be unable to sell products, or even attract customers. So, customers and employees go hand in hand in terms of allowing a business to prosper, flourish and develop. Without the two, a business simply would not be able to exist, let alone stand out from the crowd. It is important that a business owner realises that customers and employees are just as important as each other, and should be looked after as much as possible.

With customers, it is important to maintain a good relationship with anyone who buys products from a business or uses the services of a business. If negative relationships, or bad first impressions, are made then a customer is unlikely to return to the business and buy from it again. Obviously, customers allow a business to make profit so if customers do not use a business then no profit will be made. If customers really rate a business, then they are likely to tell their friends and family about it, meaning that there could be potential for more customers to use your business. The better the service and the more customers feel that they are appreciated, the more profit your business is likely to make. So, in short, ensure your business has great service!

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With your employees, their happiness is crucial in allowing your business to develop and make a solid profit margin. If employees are unhappy, or do not feel valued that much, then they are fairly likely to not put as much energy into their job as they should. They may dread coming to work, and as a result their morale is low and they could be negative when engaging with customers. There are lots of things which can affect an employee’s morale: disagreements with fellow colleagues, they may feel that they are paid too low (in this case, take a look at how much you are paying and see if there is any space to pay employees more), they may feel that their place of work is not up to scratch – in this case, contact cleaning companies such as unitedunlimitedcleaning.com who can provide you with an business space which can look brand new.

There is also the case of employees feeling that they do not enjoy their job anymore. If this is the case, do all you can to put their mind at ease, such as allow them time off, ask them what they would like to see added to their job to help them enjoy it more, and you could also think about taking your staff away to have some fun such as team building days, or regular meet ups after work.


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